Thursday, March 29, 2012


In which penelope whines a little, or maybe a lot.

my love,

it appears that I am deathly allergic to the state of virginia this spring. it’s not that I’ve never suffered seasonal allergies before. but this year has knocked me flat on my face. the allergycast/allergen threat level scale indicates we are damn near maxed out (11.4 out of 12 on saturday!) and meantime my sinuses and ears are leaden, my throat sore, my skin crawling. neti pot you say? it’s most uncomfortable and sadly unproductive. the old standby zyrtec? I can’t tell if it just doesn’t work on me anymore, or if the 2010 expiration date truly has meaning. I’m never inclined to think it does, with meds, but maybe. and local honey you say? I’m attempting, but so far no luck. the honey is produced in our neighborhood, like a mere mile from our house, maybe less. so it couldn’t be more local. or more delicious really. mmm honey. mmm hot steamy tea. but so far the whole antibodies theory is proving to be an oldwivestale.


so I’ve been largely unproductive/completely lethargic really since our return from athens, ashley, andi and le hunger games. and head and the heart! which i ‘ve been hearing in my mind eversince. I love love love them. the trip was grand, really. and you noticed my mug! on our video call yesterday. I really do love that mug. and your new dishes from the market.

I am meandering my way through “no angel,” feel like I’ll reach the end soon? possibly? it’s like watching an entire season of downton, except I cannot read nearly as fast as I can watch. and nearing the end we’re in the midst of an epic affair, and I do not love affairs. like if only I could reach through the pages and shake some shoulders, wring some necks. although at the same time I loathe when men are condescending, demeaning, to their amazing female counterparts, and so I suppose I’m torn. like did oliver really deserve that? his misogyny is a product of his time. and celia’s like a hurricane. and then the war, the terrible war and its psychological aftermath…

upcoming projects allegedly include painting the Bug’s room dusty lavender with pink polka dots and white butterflies. I mean the polka dots are stickers and the butterflies are wall hangings that were leftover from a friend’s own decorating ventures. and it will all be a surprise, when the children and j.lo go away for easter weekend. so shhh, don’t tell her. I hope I’ll be able to pull it off in time.

and of course sewing. so far completed: 6 napkins and a dish dryer. have some minor mending to do and then will be perusing box o’ fabrics for inspiration.

my eyeballs are leaking and the head vice is tightening. going to go sip some tea. from my new mug. with local honey. and some self-pity.


update us on your scandalous life when you have a chance….


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almost anonymous said...

Hurrah for sewing! Boo for allergies. I read an article recently including the information that they can get worse as you age (boo!) and the honey thing is a myth. Who knows?