Tuesday, March 20, 2012



~ completely forgot to mention that after purchasing the jalapeno artichoke dip last week, I began eating it immediately. like in the car on the way home. another car looked like it might pull out in front of me and as I raised a chip to my mouth I thought – but if I die right now? I would be happy. mmm jalapenoartichokedip.

~ SEWING MACHINE PROGRESS. I threaded and rethreaded and made it work. omg. had been missing a step that was explained - I swear - for a different model in the booklet because it did not look like my machine. although I am apparently slow when it comes to black and white 3-d illustrations, so I could be wrong. anyway. I fixed a hole in N.Lo’s little shirt!

~ have changed my bookclub selection for May bc we were all beginning to notice that our selections are completely depressing and possibly soul-sucking. so there’s one more soul-suck book for April (which I really have been wanting to read) and then The Dovecatchers, which promises to be not without strife but filled with badass epic girl power.

~ had oil changed in car this morning… possibly it’s almost been a year… whatever. it’s nearly as bad as a haircut, getting one’s car serviced. anyway, THERE HAS BEEN A MOUSE LIVING IN MY CAR. as evidenced by the filters. I don’t even really want to talk about it.

~ have you found/downloaded antm eps yet? I mean I’m not really impressed with this season, to be honest. kelly c. has always scared me down to my toes. and the girls seem especially obnoxious, esp when juxtaposed to the brits, who generally seem more, I don’t know, worldly? human? like they know how to do up rivalry, but they manage to act better than 10 year olds. who have been raised by wolves.

~ my sinusessss are killing. me. curse you, allergies or cold or whatever you are…


love to you – jeju –

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