Wednesday, December 7, 2011


why did we both decide lists and working out are pointless? we might be a little too symbiotically tied together. how did we start syncing together in our destructive qualities? both simultaneously signalling a passage through grief and endless waiting. of things ending. of calling it quits. of wondering when the year of the dragon is going to come thundering on in and blaze up new and good. it beats months of paralysis and plummeting into despair and negative balances.

as i sit typing, my twist sneezed and is chasing a small piece of sausage around the house. she most recently found a way out of the terminally cheap and illrepaired screendoor. i got her back before she got too far since the new passage out of the house had her senses all tremulous and freaked. as a sidenote i left the sausage burning on the stove while i went to get dad a pair of washing gloves for his workers? (it tasted fine anyway) who apparently as he says, never have squares or pencils or basic supplies responsible craftsman have. i guess that's what you get for hiring illegals? or hiring people who hire illegals? no work finesse/nuance?. for instance pedro just dropped off worker x and said, "clean the tiles"... i'm not sure what that involves but there it is. and if the guy knew what he was there for- it goes down to the question of art vs. hashing it out right and getting it done? hack job vs. skilled hands? do you have a love for it...does it matter? i think even small things can translate to love and care. like baking- no one wants to eat bitter lemon bars and hate filled gluten free cupcakes. so that when you say i made this or i built this, was it built with love? or greed? or avarice or lust for frosting? but i digress. did you mail it yet by the way? how is something intangible like love so important in creating things?

so, the job search continues. damon is convinced kang and he will help me find something in jeju if i want, but there are seoul jobs right now. and as we know seoul is out. there's a big warning flag there. but they wont be able to help until mid-january!? which means no job until feb. granted i know december can go fast and as a result january will go just as fast but come on now. jeju himself seems to think this is the case but i think i need to break up with him anyway. he is so not into me. i did just last night manage to get an interview for a job on jeju based on the cover i sent you all on my own!. also apparently jeju is known for it's strong and independent women? hmm. it's a sign right? i dont know have any research done though on how to interview with canadian expats married to koreans so... we'll see.

hmm besides that- i garlanded the house. it's taken me 3 days to accomplish 3 things on the list i made. one thing a day i guess? today and it's only 11 is looking dicey. maybe 1 thing but i can't promise more. saying i'm going to do the lights is probably paramount to a lie. ok, back to my vampire prosecuter korean drama.


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somebody's mom said...

Sometimes you really do have to do it yourself!

Go girl. Yup, no Christmas lights are in view, however the garland is very festive as are all the other decorations