Friday, December 16, 2011


i'm a bit jealous of your lists. i dont' even want to dip into the horror of 2011. bodo died. shingles. no more govt. cheese. the one shining highlight was Chicago and the fast i think in August. i mean who doesn't love mystical calls written in chocolate and thinking yes, korea! so it's not that there weren't good things? but shudder. (aw what about twist and mortimer, awww.) then i thought, wait, so i relooked at your lists and they're objects, not events so i could do that- but i dont even know if i can remember. did i even read that many books? maybe you could give me some questions re: 2011- the supposed year of transition? did i make that up or was it on a fortune cookie? hmm. i'll get to pics of the decorations... but my phone is on the blitz. when the pic chip is working the center buttons for texting and answering calls is out... can't it just hang on a bit longer. no? meanwhile dad wants me to help him tidy up the new house for christmas money in a gross lack of understanding of my if it could get any worse financial condition. but i will. but only when no one is looking, like an elf. maybe what he means by xmas money is bills? i dont know.

oh and in my self-indulgent malaise- i can't buh-lieve i went through 4 days without mentioning the stellar christmas, i'm at the right-hand of my father in glory, jesus danica got. mine is hanging out in the heart of his ministry. getting dirty and doing what he does best. but her's has the whole world in his hands. pretty amazing.

so what else- eating kettle chips. watching a parker posey movie called partyGirl. she's jobless in new york without parents. lessons learned all around you know.


pen said...

well i mean i could make your 2011 assignment coincide with the chapter 3 exercise... 100, not 10.

i heart jesus holding the world! day --> made.

oh, phone. at least hang on until korea, right?

i agree that chicago was an awesome highlight.

mendacious said...

only if you do a solid week of meditation! ;) that's akin to a throw down... that list of gratitude.

pen said...

them's fightin' words.