Saturday, December 10, 2011

m ~

When did we decide that exercising was completely overrated and possibly unnecessary? Like it doesn’t have any effect. It would be like refusing to acknowledge that mold can grow. Or that short hair doesn’t stay short forever. Which, incidentally, I hope isn’t true, because it’s completely higher maintenance, contrary to popular belief. I battle little sticky-uppies constantly. And they are not easily tamed.

But back to the exercise. No wait, I haven’t really solved that issue yet. Nevermind.

Project this week! Blog project! Blogject: Let’s post pictures of our lovely holiday décor. I mean, I’ve posted a few, and I’ve seen your pics in an email. But let’s put them all here, on this blog. Like the old days. Because since when are we back to plain old email with a little texting thrown in? Shouldn’t the world be privy to our conversation? Right then, let’s get on with it.

And yes, I totally mailed it, and mostly on time. Dec 1 to be exact. And if I remember correctly the open date is tomorrow? I want to hear the result! Demanding photo documentation! The world demands it!

Oh and we’re reading a book together! Which you can have on audio, btw, if we do that itunes file-sharing thingy J.Lo spoke of. I’m becoming one of those cute out-of-the-loop people when it comes to technology, I swear. Because frankly it makes me tired. And why not just ride coattails when it comes to setting up new services and signing up for new accounts and learning the ins and outs of blah blah blah and then it all changes again. But file-sharing. I think I could walk you through? Or else we’ll vid-chat again w/ J.Lo present.

My toes are cold and there’s church tomorrow. So I’m thinking about a nicewarmbed…

love to you,


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Anonymous said...

HA! I now know what "it" is! And it is fantastic! I LOVE my sculpty Jesus. I especially love his pugilistic stance - though Karen thoughtfully put a marble in his arms to signify him carrying the whole world. Thank you so much! I'll have to send you some photos shortly.