Monday, December 5, 2011

blank pages/things i’ve learned 2011

I feel like I’ve managed to talk myself out of the importance of writing it down. Kind of like how I’ve managed to convince myself that exercise is completely unnecessary. Oh, silly human mind. But now that I’ve crossed over to those dark sides, even if they don’t make any sense, it’s a struggle to talk myself back over to truth. Like every single time. I’ve made more work for myself without really doing anything at all.

But I was thinking about things I’ve learned over the course of 2011. Good things. So not everything was bad. It never is.

  • I can cut hair. Without much fear.
  • I like this quote, a lot. Through to my core. “When one loves, one does not measure.”
  • I like school. Not going myself, anymore. When the children go. Me + Structure = Less Floundering
  • I want to learn to use a sewing machine. Officially.
  • We really are not in control. Cue: unseen deer hurtling into vehicle, leaving fur and cracked/dented everything in its wake. Repeat: never saw it, not once.
  • Me + Fewer Options (things to buy, things to do, people to see, movies to watch) also = Less Floundering
  • I require firm deadlines. For anything.
  • Libraries are the best places ever. (Already knew this, but know it even more.)
  • I learned how to can. Specifically tomatoes. Next year: jam, possibly pickles?
  • Relationships can often be mapped as a Venn diagram. Best not to forget that whole area-of-overlap. It really does exist. I think. Even if we’re talking about boys + girls.
  • I do not enjoy the genres of “camp” or “noir.” See: “Modelland” and “Ringer,” respectively.
  • I like peppers. Nearly as much as horseradish.

Um, I can’t think of anything else right now. But maybe we can keep brainstorming this.


somebody's mom said...

And how about the use you discovered for geranium and lavendar oils?

pen said...

oh yes, good one!

erin j said...

1) if you have a sewing machine, I can send you the link to the easiest, cutest skirt for k.lo EVER! Seriously, a couple of straight lines. If you visit this side of the east coast anytime in the near future, come over, we'll have a wine and sew party. Once you start, it's MUCH easier!!!

pen said...

yay for a wine and sew party!