Thursday, December 29, 2011

pen’s 100

1. a loving-and-not-wrathful God

2. grace

3. you – yes, you

4. e-pals whom I’d be wholly lost without

5. introversion

6. the ability and desire to make personal resolutions throughout the whole year

7. j-lo’s humor, patience and love

8. k-lo’s smiles, stories, imagination, sociability

9. n-lo’s sweetness, humor, quietness, independence

10. the gift of words, however questionable in value

11. family who I love and love me back

12. family who I love and remain mysterious entities – bc now we can ponder human nature in full depth…

13. bender and bailey – oh, bender and bailey! together and apart.

14. trees. hardwoods. branches. their composition against the sky.

15. cloud patterns, infinite

16. hills. mountains. even flat land sometimes.

17. YA novels and other books that are a balm to my soul

18. shows that literally make me laugh out loud. parks&rec, office, newgirl, himym, I’m thinking of you

19. knowledge and its crazy-accessibility

20. forgiveness

21. this blog

22. the revival of our writing group and cath as the hammer

23. my christmas tree, and the personal history of ornaments it contains

24. book club

25. church community

26. baby jesus

27. stars, so many of them – and the fact that I can see them

28. camping

29. ability to connect with friends old and new, far and near, online. miraculous really.

30. pinning

31. tweeps

32. the onion. funny or die. comedy is so not dead.

33. fresh, like really fresh, produce

34. prospective garden

35. this quiet street

36. k’s school

37. n’s school

38. chocolate sea salt caramels and that I got a bunch for christmas

39. an rx that actually works. most of the time.

40. aldi

41. recognizing god’s design, I really see it sometimes

42. music – and so accessible

43. libraries

44. free apps

45. trips

46. the teachers in our lives, both old and new

47. that n-lo’s greatest joy in life is making a new batch of jell-o

48. that k-lo is so much cooler and more socially adept than I ever was

49. cheese

50. that jason segal made a new muppets movie

51. fraggles exchanging a very special rock on their christmas. yes.

52. sunrises that I can see from my kitchen window every day, esp in winter

53. coffeeeee

54. the ability to exercise even if I don’t always wanna

55. opposable thumbs

56. contact lenses – the technology!

57. that I love to cook – this shouldn’t be taken for granted really

58. wine

59. gummy vitamins that don’t make me ill

60. caprese salad

61. samples “lunch” at the price club

62. they still sell i-cees! blue and red! at the gas station up the street!

63. bonfires

64. knowing many people who truly love bonfires

65. holy spirit whispers

66. stained glass, sunlit

67. snark/sarcasm – which to quote lane does not become me but sustains me

68. yoga poses, which I’ll come to know again one day

69. my gift of mercy, developed deeply over the years

70. my educational degrees, however questionable in value

71. this: 2 over-easy eggs on warm/buttered toast with fresh tomato slices on top and a sprinkling of salt, pepper and hot sauce. yes.

72. scarves

73. varying church service styles, learning to appreciate the form and nuances of each – although I’m still resistant to the grape juice thimbles. really.

74. a mailbox with a functional flag

75. clean air to breathe, even deeply when I remember to

76. the ability to cut my own and my family’s hair

77. the word “wonder” and the desire to seek it out

78. that andy on the office had a shelf of carolers like me

79. dwight’s homage to trans-siberian orchestra

80. entertainmentweekly magazine and the unexpected subscription from my longlost brother

81. that j.lo gave me a blanket for christmas bc mine is a complete rag. and that its rag status bothered him waay more than it bothered me.

82. the complete gilmore series

83. fondue, just the fact of it

84. katniss everdeen

85. that leaching is no longer a common practice (i.e. i am grateful for modern medicine)

86. eggrolls, especially the crunchy ends

87. cookie bars, especially the gooey middles

88. goodreads

89. that fall is my favorite season again

90. the prospect of snow

91. the love of spring

92. defying the norm to hate summer

93. running water, the miracle and commodity of that

94. word games with friends

95. rarely having to buy children anything – clothes toys etc they’ve been so covered

96. brilliant authors

97. hope, however full of shadows

98. online photo filters

99. city energy that can occasionally be indulged

100. the sweet feeling of relief at arriving home. even from the grocery store.

101. making it to 100 and feeling like there is more, much more


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