Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mostly Sunny Hi 106°

Another day of the hottest of the hot days. Where the night doesn't cool and where the house temp gets to 91 degrees which seems suddenly much cooler than the alternative- but not as cool as air conditioning which we don't have. And we've got a few more days of this. Amber says we should escape the heat so I'm going to see a movie at 1. There was some argument about what was the hottest part of the day. Nevermind her argument- It's not noon. Or 2pm. It's 4pm. Because at that point everything is at it's maximum. Inside.Outside. So technically I'm only escaping the temperature ratcheting up because I can guarentee when I get home it's going to be climbing towards 90 in my house. And coming home after being in a/c doesn't really help face the reality of it being 90in my house. Which is insulting obviously.

Some mysterious person suggested a library. I never go to those. There isn't even one close by... Ok, there is one around 2 miles away but it's on the bad side of town and there aren't any fancy chairs to sit in and I am thinking about the sbux which is 2miles on the scrubby part of town...but i'm fasting from fraps till the 1st. I could get tea. Or come home and put my feet in a tub of water, get the mister and the fan out and not feel bad about not being productive. Because who's productive when it's this hot- i wonder if really a/c's are a tyranny? i say that only because i don't have one... but then if i did i would be doing work. and by work i mean trying to print out passport applications and what not. I did watch copious amounts of tv yesterday, so much so that the tv made this, oh thank god you're turning me off sound when i did-

Well, biscuits, what else. A gf multi-grain muffin and some blackberry jam are in my future, and stupid crazy love. and maybe work on my quilt. and complaining about the merciless temps. So long for now, m.


almost anonymous said...

The Burbank library on Buena Vista is open until 8 as a cooling station.

I'm about to lapse into a heat coma (nap) myself, and wondering if I should set an alarm so I wake up to go to church.

Is there such a thing as a heat hangover? I feel like I wake up with headaches when it's this hot and not cooling down. Better this weekend than next, for me though.

I could go for a mai tai right now. said...

It's either a heat hangover, or the result of too many refreshing iced adult beverages. hmmm?

ashley said...

I should wonder that you're able to write a blogpost of such generally good temperament in heat like that. 90 in the house and I would totally lapse into a whining misery that would make me hate myself. My cool breezes find their way to you, friend.