Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I don’t know what my conclusion is on South Korea. I mean other being supportive either way and fully willing to execute the camo rescue mission with sidekick Bill Clinton if the situation requires. As J.Lo said, “Just don’t go hiking in the northern mountains.” Mmkay?

My desk exists. I found it again this weekend – it was lost, very lost. Obscured by many piles created by every family member. Bless their little hearts. (Now quit dumping shit on my desk.) Anyway, I took a picture so it would last longer. Hello, desk.


I like the quieter days. Indeed. It still feels simultaneously like there is too much and not enough to do. I mean I guess that’s life. There’s a topic drought in my freelance work (figures #greattiming), so I’m looking around. As usual. This morning I’m doing laundry and have plans to make oatmeal banana bread. Mmm. N.Lo obviously requires maintenance, as the little people tend to do, but my, it’s marginally less so. My little partner-in-crime. We play War and CandyLand and go to the library and daydream. Like introverts do.

The Traveling Pants have betrayed me. I won’t say why. But the reunion book ten years after they lost the pants in Greece requires great pause. So I’m reading another, less stressful book while I pause. Because I’m a little huffy and pissed about it all, really. I mean, how could you do that, Ann Brashares. How. Why.

Maybe a Gilmore marathon lies in my future? I’m thinking about it. It seems like time to go through the entire series. Which I haven’t done since it ran everyday on ABCFam. Which is a shame, because the DVD packaging is fabulous. I heart it.

Oh also I made another shirt. Mr. Quiet. An experiment. (Can I do certain characters? Why yes. I can.) I feel like it turned out well.



Andria said...

wow, fantastic desk and shirt (super impressive and appropriate - need a matching one for N.Lo.!) and holymolyyou'remeltingaway! That's a great angle, at the very least!!

pen said...

thank you, you inspired the desk cleanup actually. as soon as you mentioned piles on fb, they *really* started getting on my nerves here.

ha, almost anon also mentioned the matching shirt for N, and i think i might have to do that. :) and umm yeah... it's the angle. completely.

ashley said...

I love Mr. Quiet. That is all.

somebody's mom said...

ooo, and "little miss helpful" for the other team member.