Monday, August 22, 2011

Do I, Don't I?

Going to South Korea:

  • Giving up control over things i most care about (friends, prayer at church, garden lot, twist, the HOUSE)
  • Financial provision
  • Financial responsibility
  • Taking care of finances challenge (can i save money and live on a budget!?)
  • Cultural adventure
  • Job adventure
  • Facing job challenge (teaching!?)
  • Facing cultural challenge (what did you say?!)
  • New experiences
  • It's only a year
  • They have starbucks in Seoul.
  • I can dream about writing a book i'll never write.
  • It's a year
  • It's s.korea (it's far away man)
  • Should I be leaving?
    • developing prayer at church
    • fighting the good fight with the garden lot
    • the HOUSE
How much vaykay time?
How much money can I save?
How hard/ easy is it to get things done and do stuff?
Do they have the internet?
Will it suck with the teaching?
What will i be teaching?
Who will I be teaching?
How difficult will it be to interact with the school... pay, beurocracy...? hours?
Will Twist remember me?
Will my parents wait until i come back to tile the bathroom?
I could get a mendacious substitute to stay at the house until i come back?
Will it be a positive to step back from the church stuff even if i'm not the one who planned and executed it and then i come back and it's all decided and what not?

... what else pen, what else?


millie & elsie said...

wow. this is a shock to me and i clearly need more herbal tea dates with you. i can't help but be really excited for you even though it would mean i wouldn't see you for a year. but ... i feel like you should dive in. i'm tingly with excitement...

somebody's mom said...

Are there people who have done the job previously who you could talk to?

pen said...

will penelope ever have to stage a rescue mission in which she paints her face camo and thwarts the nefarious kim jong-il, mere miles to the north of seoul?

Bruckner said...

Do it.