Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had this dream where i was leaving an apt and there was one open so i quick went in there to use their bathroom? And then i saw someone and i was like oh hey, yah, i'm a friend of joey's- and you're oh? right- lou? right? Nice to meet you...It was apparently very important to remember their names because I kept waking up to tell myself so. CUT TO: I'm at a party and we are passing small white pills to one another via our mouths. It was a fairly intense party. CUT TO: I've got Bodo and Twist walking along a street  and then am going up and downstairs/an Eshyer like labryinth looking for this guys apartment, then i'm in another place and find his apartment finally - it's number 5 and i just had to go back further to get to it, which opens up into a movie theatre and a guy offers me a job as the projectionist- before i can accept or decline something goes wrong with the picture and he jumps up to fix it. I fall asleep on the stairs waiting, and then the guy I was looking for realizes I was there, gets angry at the projectionist guy and starts getting into a fight because he thinks he's done something to me. He finally realizes I'm fine and comes over to me. and SCENE.

*joey means: He will enlarge/Hebrew
*lou means: Famous in battle

yes, that precipice of decision looms. I haven't heard back from the guy so we'll see what he eventually has to say. I love your shirt. It's pretty fantastic. Oh, and i was totally waiting till you picked up STP. I thought i warned you about it already? Hmm. Well Cathy had already relayed to me what happened at the beginning and i was like WTF!? The nerve really to go somewhere and ruin a perfectly good vacation for everyone. The nerve! No words really.

Anyway, ive got to go make breakfast. I'm all sorts of hungry. (24 days without a frap) AND the other night i had maybe less than 1/2 a tennis ball worth of prime rib and my body was like, hoooold on there sister! So you could say i'm still weening myself off the fast too. Not so bad though.


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somebody's mom said...

Awesome dreams.

Currently all that breathes is conserving enery. Who wants to get any warmer.