Sunday, August 7, 2011

another day -

Another shirt? Why not.

Notes: After working with a paint pen – as seen here – I can say I prefer the Sharpie. The paint turns out a bit crunchy. And gets on your hand if you’re not careful. And it spotted up the dryer a bit. So I guess I’m not a very painty pen, in the end. HAHAHA, get it? *sigh

I love $4 shirts that fit right.

What does one even do with pink really. It had to be the right vibe. I did thief the graphic concept online for the cassette tape, as with the dandelion, with a few alterations and the text addition.

Maybe a pic tomorrow of me wearing it. We’ll see what my photographer can do. And of course, you have to explain what exactly is a cassette tape to the next generation… #WeRSoOld


***Morning update, photography by the fabulous K.Lo



somebody's mom said...

Very worthy!

almost anonymous said...

Nice. And a great way to make variety with cheap shirts (that fit well)!

Andria said...

so impressive!