Sunday, August 14, 2011

the word desert

I feel like we could add an “s” and have it be “desserts” instead, right? Because desserts are always better. But I’m happy that you’re surviving in your own desert of sorts, without animal proteins. Well I mean except for eggs, which I assume you’re still eating. Mmm, eggs. I’ve been on a kick with fried eggs topped with tomato slices. So. Good. Also, it was awesome to join you last week in your kitchen while you baked the second batch of muffins. It was like we were really there! I wish we were.

Tomorrow is the first hour of school. What? Just an hour. N.Lo and I will drop off K.Lo in her classroom while we head to the cafeteria to hear the principal speak. Which probably means read aloud handout materials. Which is fine. It will be in one ear and out the other and I’ll feel slightly panicky until I get home and can sit down to read what he just read to us.

I’m in a completely different world, all of a sudden. Kindergarten.

Did you know that we’re approaching our seventh blogiversary? What!

It was supposed to rain this weekend, but didn’t really. Not much. The heat is supposed to break soon. At least for a minute. The corn fields look burned to a crisp and I really couldn’t be happier – not because I don’t love fresh corn on the cob. I do. I enjoyed some this weekend in the form of a low-country boil. Which you might love. By the way. But the corn stalks – dead, papery, done. The precursor to fall. Summer might have been my favorite season once upon a time in a land far away, but not down South. Summer is just loathsome here.

I’m reading a book about 16-year-old girl who wields a gun like such a bad-ass. Felling deer, blowing her father’s 12-pack to bits. She’s on a journey up the river to find her mom. After her dad is killed. It’s one of those books you love instantly and want to recommend to everyone you meet, although I’m holding off because who knows how it will end. Endings are important.

Am jumping all over the place myself. Not ending gracefully.

How do we feel about ProRun? The impending ANTM all-stars? The impending ProRun all-stars? It’s all-too-much. But as long as Michael Kors and Tim Gunn carry on with their brilliant one-liners, life will be good.

More soon?

Yes. Word dessert.




erin j said...

ummm, name of said book please.... thanks!

s said...

"desserts" as in, get one's just desserts?
I love your's and M's words and wish there were more of them, I trust that you will be out of your word desert soon.

My favorite dessert lately, since I haven't gone to Henry's and replenished my stash of dark chocolate covere honeycomb candy is to take three marshmallows, roll each in unsweetened cocoa powder place on a buttered paper plate, zap in microwave until puffy, Yum.

I remember well the first day of my daughter's kindergarten. She walked off to class and didn't even turn to say goodbye.