Friday, August 19, 2011

day ?,

good morning,

i was dreaming of kittens and cats intermittently again. and the internal clock on my computer died. strangely enough. i had, i'm sure of it, a few years ago told dad that my clock stopped telling the correct time. which he ignored. but now suddenly its serious and warnings are popping up. dad says, and no, you can't do anything without it. i found the time had reset itself to 1999, january. at that time i was still going to CSUN. i had my thesis to finish. i'd applied to SAIC by the end of the year. agreed to do a missions trip to alaska at a summer camp- for free? what the fuck was i thinking. i was not. even then i had a blind optimism toward my financial situation. it was only when i got to grad school that i proved to be completely wrong. am i operating under a curse?

anyway i took the battery out of the mother board and am on my way to radio shack. i guess. oh also since i complained on FB i did get a tantalizing offer to teach english in korea. which i'm seriously considering. and a mysterious email from an aquaintence asking what i was doing on saturday from 10-12 because through some friends shes learned of a good way to make money. it sounds like a pyramid scheme.

i wonder what else i was doing in 1999. i'd go back to look but eh. oh yes, i was also working at barnes&noble. i was doing step aerobics twice a week and swimming. dreaming of rowing crew. finishing some idiotic theatre productions at school since my actual professional work didn't matter to them- working up to try and get the theatre dept head fired... i had a lot of vitrol back then. fighting with my ass of a thesis director which carried well into the first semester at gradschool. breaking up with my acting company. meeting lost loves. those were the days. all right i'm boring myself. is it good when the chaos ofyour past becomes boring? laughable? or what? i mean really i do wish i had more of my vitrol back.

next up flaxseed muffins. listening group. more episodes of eureka. also posting fur and vintage dresses on craigslist because why not. love you.



pen said...

i did see the korea offer and wanted to mention that it's a little too close to kim jong-il for my taste. perhaps japan? in the non-tsunami-affected areas?

you can borrow some of my vitriol. i have extra.

i'm not so much bored by my past lives as wanting to kick some of them in the teeth. but i like the idea that your computer has sent you back in time. even if it's a sign of impending technological doom and Christopher Lloyd is nowhere to be found.

mendacious said...

how do we transfer vitrol? can we video chat about this come monday to discuss? also seriously what other opts do i have but korea? would you mind doing your wicked job search thing again. i applied at deluxe. i haven't gotten around to the nordrack one. i neeeed to. is there a way to look up transcription, data entry gigs? something with captioning? or?

and you know what i want to know about certain past lives. so tell it already.

i agree with you about impending doom though. did you know CA has the 2nd highest unemployment rate besides Nevada? At least i think that's what i heard.

oh and my muffins are fabulous. any of them really.

jenn said...

is it good when the chaos of your past becomes boring? laughable? or what?

I have asked myself this question many times. I have no answer, but I can definitely relate.