Thursday, February 17, 2011

hello penolin

I went on a hike and it again made my right quad go numb on the downhill portion. I mean i agree with mom cuz she's all, something lower back something, you know? But what exactly? Anyway it was completely gorgeous. I'll post the complete pics buh-low. I do enjoy taking my friends hiking with me and this time I tried out the ipod - downside, no birds + side i don't hear the deafening crunch of my footsteps. Totally torn. But overall its a small mix of offthegrid hikers, hard core mountainbikers, and one or two dogwalkers. I like. It's my wilderness. And yet my body is all eh, oncenawhile for you. And i wasn't photoing well. My poor haggard aging body.

Anyway I'm all wornout from that and medaling in mariokart. I still have 1 to go on the 100cc portion- i got 1star, 2 2stars, and A's. Whatever that means. I mean I'm "unlocking" things so that's cool. The day in itself was pretty idyllic. Had aimee over and we had tea and bacon and GF bread. win/win... win. I just got back from trader joes and i got my darkfairtrade chocolate. Delicious. Oh also I love Downton Abbey. Ah, mr. bates and mr. crawley. *Sigh.

Oh which reminds me of imaginary jobs- the hell. honestly. So lame. Also mine, which interview/letter assignment still not established. I need to show you how i answered the preliminary questions at least... "my future" describe myself"... terrifying. Anyway, I sort of ground to a halt on a hope but here we are trapezing into March with nary an extra penny. I will not lead us too much into the snowy climbs unless I run completely out of money. Which you know... possible. But still. High 40's? But then its Chicago. So all that could change within a matter of days. Like our fortunes. ;) Can we manage on the cheap? Can i manage without a creditcard. I don't know really.
Here's an awkward photo to express my eh, hi, you like? Yes?




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