Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You're totally making up facts- but wait before I get to that, I dreamed i was on this cruise ship and Parker was there, but weird things were happening before we got to port, stuck infact for hours before we got to dock- somebody was coming into my room to steal shampoo samples, a girl in a red bra disappeared and i was wandering around in my bigcoat trying to find her in the middle of the night - getting waylaid and distracted by various people. I didn't know who she was as i could only describe the short dark bob of her hair and her matching underwear set, and her thin pale features. But I knew she was in danger... Ok, so back to you. Here's an exact quote from February about this time exactly last year: So, can we fast-forward through February, already? I’m over it. Oh wait… Journey. Dammit! It’s just that I’m looking forward to my favorite season and month, March...

Every time I go back to read through the blog I just love us. We're both talking about yoga; I've started to visit you around this time every year. I'm complaining about jobs and popsicles. I forgot that one year I just refused to blog all of January. And then we promised to blog by capitalizing the beginning of sentences. Pshaw. I mean i'm doing it now sort of. But still. Also around this time as part of my lists i'm thinking of doing taxes, which is exactly whats going to happen today. I don't know in this midst of all this consistency how anything changes.

And among those is of course the fact that February is a dark month and it always has been. Something about it seems to stretch forever, malaise comes sweeping across the plain. We doubt all our purposes and intents and with a vagure apprehension are wary of our lists and plagued by them at the exact time. I don't have any dead trees and yet out of some sympathy there is a desolation of leaves in my heart and a network of exposed limbs where life used to be.

Just now a man came knocking at the door, asking for donations for his book. This tome he'd written called "Space Ark". I admit this is a first. And if i had cash to spare I think I actually would've given it to him. He took 20 years to write it. He has an internet site but i just tried to check it out and it didn't come up. Damn. He's been jobless for four years. And his flyer, which he tore out of the back of his bound book reads "Please support Direct Democracy and its most ardent advocate by donating to me, the author of Space Ark!" If only Nathan Lee Carnes. If only.

Meanwhile I put too much cheese on my breakfast quesadilla, and am watching pushing daisies while i gather strength to go outside to read so i can gather strength to yoga, so i can gather strength to do um stuff... ? But already the day is drawing up its skirts and getting ready to run off. And as you say, EH.

But here's to surprises and authors pitching their wares door to door. In all the gloom, the unordinary comes. T-minus 15days.

my love,


pen said...

hilaaaarious! simply awesome. love us.

i was in such a bad mood this afternoon i too decided to start my taxes. and i can't finish because i don't have all my info - which put me in an even worse mood. vicious cycle. but somehow appropriate.

also, i didn't yoga. :( tomorrow? for dreams to come true?

mendacious said...

i'm not sure which is the cautionary tale- i did yoga which was good, not class level good but good... and then i did my taxes and i owe the govt $469. so yah. apparently past self failed to warn future self. i'm still in a little shock about it all. its those damned blindspots. anyway i'm eating chocolate and tea and shaking my head.vicious cycle indeed.

may our tomorrows be better.

pen said...

wtf? how do you owe anything?? send them seaweed. no frames or artfulness - just seaweed.

Andria said...

ha, I enjoyed the post (finally catching up!) but come and there's even more delightful dialogue in the comments!
"But already the day is drawing up its skirts and getting ready to run off."