Friday, February 4, 2011


Your pictures, oh your whimsical pictures! They are clearly proof that magic occurs in the crevices and cracks when you’re not seeking out. I mean – other than the whole mouse thing. Where did the gnarled old trees come from? And I heart Thorne. And the snuggly furry creatures. And I demand a caption at least on the Hare Krishnas – where, what? I don’t know about the old man on the wall. I tend to agree with the assessment that it looks like a smiley face. I couldn’t enlarge it for more detail however. And I’d like to here more about camping with mom although I understand you don’t really remember a thing.

Aside – how genius was Oscar throwing up his hands about the essentiality of irony? The Office is in a quiet recovery year I feel. But this whole get rid of Michael thing, I don’t know. Unless the Ricky Gervais cameo was foreshadowing for his replacement, which would be the only acceptable outcome.

I’m tired. Of everything. I’d like to sleep until noon one of these days, can I schedule that in? That’s rhetorical.

It’s super-awesome that our house has dropped approximately 14% in value, rendering it impossible to sell. Isn’t it? Currently, am questioning the point of it all.

And I got this new job? But after my first story pitch it’s been crickets. Something about enabling my account so I can actually get started, but I’m beginning to wonder if the whole thing was just imagined. Another thing that doesn’t exist.

But whatever. This weekend – a kids museum in RaleighLand. An actual full morning at newchurch. Some big football game or something – yawn. I show up for the snacks.

And we do totally have to do a phone call soon. To relieve your eye twitch and my eye twitch and whatnot. Maybe during the superbowl Smile 




somebody's mom said...

Camping: I will boldly provide topics that M might discuss.
tent poles, raccoons, Firewood-Guy, Train, Essau's, squirrels, rain, awesome friends, grilled cheese, lantern, crows, generator noise, ambient light, reading, campfire.
(DayQuil totally gets 5 stars.)

pen said...

m - new blog assignment!

almost anonymous said...

Raccoons? Do tell.

I thought I might sleep 'til noon today, after my two-day jaunt up the coast. (Does it still count as jet-lagged if one doesn't change time zones?) But I woke up at 8:30. So whatever.

Maybe that justifies a Super Nap this afternoon.

somebody's mom said...

Well, I was excited by the stealthy raccoons, even if M wasn't. They left sandy footprints on the picnic bench and table cloth and had clearly walked all around the campsite. We knew that we might need to protect our provisions from them and stacked our boxes and topped the lot with the purchased water.

Travel is tiring even if you don't change time zones.