Friday, February 11, 2011

m sigh,

I’m uber-jealous of your productivity yesterday – I enjoyed the car wash/dog walk pictures, btw. Because I’ve been pretty much useless all week. Such are the tides, but I still annoy myself. It’s like a choice between lazing around and feeling sluggish or half-assing several different projects that amount to nothing, all while neglecting the vacuuming and the dusting and putting away the laundry. Why is it so hard to put away laundry? I mean it’s all cleaned and folded and sitting in the basket. Just put in the drawers, man. Honestly.

Speaking of half-assed projects, I started painting the playroom. I wanted this blue color called Enchanting or somesuch, but that would require purchase, to which I’m opposed at this juncture, and I found a brand-new gallon of cream-colored painter-primer in the basement and was like welllwellwell. Let’s get started. And at first I really was not sure. I did a section of trim just to see. And it didn’t sit well in my mind’s eye. But then it dried overnight, and I was like, huh. I think it’s going to work? I mean it’s obviously as neutral as one can get. But it will really brighten up the space. And I can always add in wall stickers or something arty and painty later.

Congrats on the seaweed sales! That ROCKS. Prayers answered. Love it. Although I’ll need to hear more about these orange seats. I’m skeptical of both the color and the process. But do trust your artistic judgment.

Things I still can’t find: giant box of envelopes, DVD car charger and I’m sure there’s other things. Also, our mailbox flag is still broken, apparently unfixable, and now the mail-lady is leaving outgoing letters in the box. Which is just annoying. And I’d really like my new phone, even though it defies my defiance against coveting things shiny and gadgety. Because ew.

Oh and newjob! It really is imaginary. Didn’t see that one coming. They’ve taken nearly two weeks after I submitted all my Important Paperwork and still don’t have my account activated. I feel really super-great about them having all my info, too. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ll have to keep looking I guess. Pbbbt.

The proposed Friday itinerary sounds excellent. I doubt I’m prepared for the wicked Chi weather, but forge on I will.


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almost anonymous said...

Oh, ick. It's actually, truly imaginary? 'Cause if so, you may want to call the credit companies and put a flag on your account. Boo.