Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's up, Pen?

So how goes?

My event was a success i think. Questions were raised, discussion was sparked. I think it served its purpose to put it too lightly. When really even despite some theological soundness questions it was pretty amazing. And the woman who spoke was really an utter delight.

Today is the first day in a number of days i don't have anything going on. I had that one productive day on Thursday and then I'm not really sure what happened to me after that. Did you find your envelopes? I hung out with Danica, event, church- amber brought over Mariokart, so that was pretty exciting. We didn't have time to wii tennis.

This morning I woke up reluctantly with that oh, fine, i'll get up sort of thing. My phone chimed. I could hear Turtle meowing loudly to get in to my parents bedroom. Being an 18 yr old cat gets you special privileges. I threw some stuff away this a.m. Sorted. Where does all the crap come from? I think i'm feeling anxious maybe. Its a fine line between managing that and the clutter which sometimes isn't clutter but just little bits of things that don't have a home but should. And why some days it all seems to be closing in on you and other days its just a delightful palette of color and texture. I don't know. I feel like roaming. I'm going to go now.


-mirror from demo '10 in car for giveaway (why thefck did it take so long?)
-bricks trashed
-pinetree branches trashed
-icicle found
-balloon and trashbag in yard trashed
-fence,box,chords, ladder, hulahoop, etc. to garage
-3 plants moved
-dead bird buried
-held ceremony "go with God little bird"
-2 pairs of shoe to moms room
-2 towels dispersed
-laundry put away
-dishes put away
-boars head bacon is delicious
-tea made
-damn over steeped
-hosed walkway

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