Tuesday, February 8, 2011

double yawn

I appear to have hit some sort of wall re: energy and will? I mean I’m assuming it will pass in a few days as always, but in the meantime I’m just like – IhaveathousandprojectsthatIcouldbedoingbut - meh. Just meh. It’s called recharging-batteries mode. Even though as K.Lo kindly pointed out the other day, “But Mommy, you don’t have batteries.”

Although I do plan on braving 1 1/2-hr yoga tonight, fluorescent lights be damned. It’s a different instructor, so maybe she has a bit of sense about turning the lights out, but I’m not holding my breath. Which you can’t do in yoga anyway, duhh. Probably the lights thing comes down to liability, because doesn’t it always? Well whatever.

I’m itching for spring. I mean really. I cannot stand the sight of dead grass and bare branches one second longer. And I’m not sure why that is – I mean Feb certainly isn’t my favorite month, but it’s usually (mostly) tolerable? Maybe I’m making up facts. But this year – no. I’m already done with you February. Eight days in. Thank God for the furry gopher-creature’s prophecy and may it be true.

What could I or should I be doing? Rearranging the basement (again – I know) to accommodate our recent shipment of crapola from oldhouse. I foresee that I’ll be lazy and resistant until one day when I charge downstairs, biceps flexed, and tackle the whole thing in an afternoon. Because that’s so how it goes. And I really could or should pitch a few more ideas for newjob, I mean other than the fact that they still have yet to enable my account so that I can actually, you know, blog for them. It’s not exactly motivating, and I suspect the whole job itself has been imagined. But we’ll get there. Indeed we will get there. And I feel like there’s maybe 12 something-else’s in there, but I don’t know what they are and nor do I seem to really care.


I do however want to make something Italian today. The latest ep of TopChef did that to me. I also upgraded my phone after hours – okay maybe 2 full days – of indecision. It was a free upgrade, mind. But still, I never did fall in love with my current phone and will be happy to rid my hands of its bulky, cheaplymadeness. And I’d looove to send the kids outside to play today in the dead grass, but it’s cold. February. I really think I might loathe you. If I could muster the energy required.

T-Minus 15 days until our Chi-meet!

xoxo pen

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