Friday, November 26, 2010


The décor is lovely, my dear.

I have in fact heard about the new Netflix plans, which I knew was coming. And I’m also on the fence, although sometimes I do like having the rental option. Either way, it’s still a steal. We use the instant constantly.

Today is Christmas Movie Day. Which is becoming our regular tradition, the day after Thanksgiving. Certainly swallowing a fiery golf ball and spending an hour and a half at Medac, aka the 7th circle of Hell, on Thanksgiving morning is not our tradition. But that’s what I did anyway. I’m still a tad bitter about missing turkey and sides and pie. However, leftovers allegedly await and the golf ball fire has subsided some.

If I hadn’t been curled up in a air conditioning-avoidant ball at Medac, I might have been amused at some of the other patients and their families, who were extra snipey because of the wait. Like the lady who randomly griped at her husband for wearing old shoes and not being able to work his own phone. “Bob, you have to throw away those shoes. They’re awful. [Heavy sigh.]” Then she’d leave him alone for a bit and complain about the service. “I mean, you could be dead by now.” Indeed. However, considering that it was Thanksgiving Day, I’m assuming everyone was there for a legitimate reason and we were all lucky enough to have an establishment open, so… yeah.

I didn’t think I’d find anything acceptable to read after departing my Edward and Bella, especially not in the form of more teenage vamp fic, but the House of Night series did manage to suck me in. The first book anyway. And now I’m onto something different, which may or may not be just as addicting, we’ll see.

Going to finish watching Rudolph and try not to choke on my uvula.

peace out


almost anonymous said...

That last line is great, except for the part about it being your throat and all.

mendacious said...

we could've all died by now,indeed.

Andria said...

oooh, like the new background. . but could use a solid backdrop for the posted words, perhaps?
I'm always the old, persnickety one, aren't I?

sorry you had to endure such unpleasantness, but glad you got a do over that went well today, Pen.

pen said...

I kneeeeeew Andria would complain about the backdrop! Teehee.

Andria said...

it wasn't meant to be a complaint, per se, just a. . suggestion? That sounds nicer, right?

so, I'm all caught up on ANTM - is Ash? Can we dish yet?