Sunday, November 21, 2010


We’re watching She-Ra. Have you noticed the NetflixInstant has some eclectic options as of late? I noticed the DVD set of She-Ra at Target the other day and was all, oh that’s cool. And even cooler that we get to watch it practically for free instead.

Although I wish NFI had more appealing TV show options for grownups. I could get lost in a series right now – House from the beginning? Vampire Diaries? Any of those. I’ve never seen them.

So wait – you own MK, but can’t play it? Or you play it on the computer? What the what? I need more information.

I have a canker sore on the inside of my lower lip that’s not altogether unpleasant. My new necklace has become a piece of my soul. I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair, which is weird, and even weirder that it still doesn’t appear to really need it. Must be the dryer, cooler weather. Or maybe I’ll wake up someday with dreadlocks. You never know.

J.Lo and I celebrated SIX over the weekend with candy and iron. For me, a wrought iron recipe book stand whose design is just sort of lovely to ponder, as well as some hand-painted, celestial-looking truffles from a chocolatier. They knock one’s socks off. For J.Lo – some movie candy for HP7 (which I really liked – oh Voldy, such an Immortality Queen), Iron Man 1&2, and a Tiger Iron cabochon. Which I picked for the name and the look and J.Lo’s geologist geek side. But apparently it’s loaded with healing and other cool properties. Who knew.

The house – still can’t talk about it, really. I mean, whatever. We live in Purgatory. That’s where we are.

I fear for when I refinish the Twilight series, as I know it’s going to feel like a hangover, a loss. And I’ll reject 50 books before finding something I like. Book Purgatory. I dread it.

But I landed on a big reason why I love and have always loved books so much. It’s not just the writing and the story. Obviously those appeal. But it’s also because books don’t judge you. You come to them as you are and don’t give it a second thought. They’re socially effortless. Or anti-socially effortless, as the case may be. Maybe they’re even avoidant. But I love them so.

adieu for now,



ashley said...

Cannot believe that the LoBeams are officially six. Crazyflyingtime.

As for the books...I also love that they're just there for you whenever. A cover and some pages. And you can hide. Cover yourself with someone else's story. Forget your own sad moment. Your own purgatory house. My purgatory house. In the flip of printed pages.

jenn said...

Dan and I just started watching She-Ra last week for kicks! It's hilarious.

Ah, books. So many reasons to love them so. . .