Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It’s brr-chilly at the moment – and yet I refuse to close the windows completely. I mean, just last week, the a/c was on for a good 5 days at least. So why not just bundle up in socks and sweaters and blankets and enjoy the cool.

I found myself at the voting booth this morning – I confess I didn’t actually intend to go. Since we’re not even going to be living in this state for the year to come? But then I felt all guilty and wrong about not going, and there wasn’t even a wait. So I suppose I did the right thing. And I totally looked up all the candidates yesterday to prepare.

Currently I’m aggravated by more job changes – like I understand it’s a process and I appreciate making adjustments along the way to reach the best possible form, but it’s a lot to absorb and at the moment I basically feel like giving up. Because I’m not really sure the latest version is very me, or someone I even want to be.

And more likely it’s just bad timing. Because um, life’s sort of stressful right now. We’re looking at vacant properties in the New Place, hoping to find an owner that will rent to us with the option to buy. Probably that’s a ridiculous notion, but we have to try?

Well anyway – more positive things exist. Like banana bread and thanksgiving décor and the still-growing pumpkin patches in the yard. And you know, life. It’s not that bad.

love to you,



mendacious said...

your right gluten-free banana bread, pumpkins, bliss, etc.etc.

Somebody's mom said...

Praying for the place for you to call your new home renting to own (at a deal of a price, because you and your family belong in that house) and for the right family to come along and not have any trouble qualifiying and maybe even paying cash for the house that you will be leaving.

The buried saint figurine troubles me.

pen said...

Oh my goodness. I might have to excavate Mr. Joseph.