Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello my beautiful and lovely and amazing talented friend. Thank you for my necklace with pieces from the sky. It’s rather perfect for me in every way. It reminds me of planets and cats cradles and other magical things. I loves! I can’t even say how much.

Currently – so many things in my mind. I’m annoyed at nothing and everything and myself. I don’t know what to do with that really. Assume that someday I’ll feel all zen-inclined again? I guess it’s possible. I wonder if those spandexy underpants advertised now on TV, the kind that claim to tone your ass, are really a joke, or what. And I wonder at my recent addictions to queso with chips and also meatballs. And the Dominos pizza was perhaps not responsible for my headache from hell? Because after much distance from the pizza, I had another one this afternoon. And I’m not even dehydrated.

The so-called Seneca Guns have boomed occasionally and rattled the windows. I wouldn’t put the racket past any Native American ghosts – and good for them anyway. Shake up some homes. Do it. And my conspiracy theory side wants to think that someone knows what’s behind the phenomena and would never say because it’s something super-sinister and classified, but then again such noises have been reported regularly for at least the past 150 years.

I’m super-impatient with the children, and I’m sure it’s because I just don’t understand what they’re supposed to be like at any given age. That instinct was never mine. Anyway, there are sweet and lovely moments and regular moments and sometimes or maybe even a lot of the time I feel like we’re just muddling through.

I guess I don’t do well with life purgatories. In-betweeness. It’s for the birds, really, let’s be honest. I don’t even know when or where or how I’ll put up the Christmas tree. Which really bothers me, but I swat away the thought like a fly.

Anyway – this weekend we have a certain 6-year, candy and iron anniversary to celebrate and an early Thanksgiving potluck in a historical home. Shall all be lovely, I would guess.

love to you and your necklace-making wonderfulness,



almost anonymous said...

Life purgatory. So true sometimes.

I must see photos of this necklace! (But then again, I always want to see photos.)

somebody's mom said...

The Seneca guns are an interesting, apparently startling phenomena. I read the article that you posted on FB. Maybe this would be a good year to let the kids decorate the tree entirely with ornaments that the birds and squirrel will eat when the tree is moved out side (this will be a fresh cut tree, so it to will be that earth to earth thing). Children are strange creatures. I don't think parents are supposed to know what to expect.