Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Penelope,

hello love. i've got my ipod in and used it all the while i've been gardening the last couple days. which i finished with finally- all the trimming and sorting and tilling and mulching and replanting is done for at least the next couple months- though there are some piles of debris i'll have to clear and that one sunflower that is listing to the left and refuses to die. also i planted snapdragons. and i finished your necklace. and i heard from eDD that they're sending out my check tomorrow. and i'm going on a spiritual retreat for the weekend with as yet unclear intentions but joanna got an image for me and cathyu confirmed it for me. j saw a marble in a mesh bag bouncing, either happily or gathering force, and said it reminded her of a slingshot. i told cathyu about the marble and the mesh bag and she said, it sounds like a slingshot to me and that the ball is gathering force. i don't know how either of them ended up with that except to say it was jesus. i did not get slingshot out of marble and mesh bag. i am curious though about the outcome. also i agree with mom about the statue but i won't say any more about it. except to say i didn't even say anything. she blurted that out all on her own. i can't stop her sometimes.

in othernews i've calmed down about the necklace thing. both people backed out who i offered it too and i don't feel obligated to make any more for the holy days unless someone approaches me and says, hey there, here's the $, won't you make them for me. but i do promise to find smaller pieces to put on etsy. meanwhile i have 3 left. and then i'm done! done! done! for now. or whatever. that means. either way thats not until january.

oh also i voted too. not that it did any good ;) i mean sure we're all very glad potsmoking isn't legal or whatever that stupid prop was about but i mean really i cannot shake my head enough about the governor and senate races. i'm glad the rest of the country is backlashing appropriately however. i did have to see 2 fb comments against republicans which i'll try not to hold against. at one point i replied "awwww. we're not that bad" to which one of daisys friends replied "yes, you are." if it wasn't such a punchline i'd be hurt. i replied back "*sniff". because you know, republicans have "hearts" too. and misty said she felt like she woke up to it being 2004. and i said, awwww. its not that bad.

in other other news i gave bodo a bath in the bathtub which i normally don't do ever but to see the dirt running off that dog! am-azing. and mom keeps sending me updates about grandpas surgery which actually didn't happen this AM and may happen soon? or happened and or is happening currently? i don't know. i confess to being only mildly interested as one watches gathering dark clouds in the distance.

though i am unusually snackish hence buttery popcorn and carrots and chocolate and tea with 6 dashes of sugar. and plums... which seriously i think i had a reaction to- i'm so going to a healer for this allergy shenanigans. fruit allergies are unacceptable. and though i do need to get personal health insurance, the idea of God straight up healing me is way better.

meanwhile i'm going to get a frappachino because its like 90 out and then i'm going to play video games for an hour or so and then i'm going for a walk with wendy. and i agree with you about cutting ties because bad timing is bad timing. but then going on hiatus for any number of things isn't so bad either. its like my necklace thing. hiatus. that's ok.

anyway i'm going to go now. my neck itches. i'm telling you- it was the plum. and then later i have to pack for the weekend and load songs on my ipod for all the meditating i'm going to do... that or crying about being alone-- designing a soundtrack for either could prove interesting- did i mention the couples retreat happening the same time i'm going to be at this st.marys something or other? well anyway something to blog about later- that and my outfits... and seattle, yah yah, if i ever.

xo, m.


Somebody's mom said...

Bodo is totally soft. Garden is lovely. Grandpa has had surgery and is in recovery now. He's 85 and says that he is prepared for the pearly gates, but would rather live to see the younger granddaughter graduate, [nevermind any of the great grand kids].
I'm home alone, a very uncommon state of affairs. Gray cat just snacked and is sitting in garden watching for birds? Warm balmy evening, I'm going outside now.

Karisse said...

Where's your etsy shop??? I wanna loooook!