Thursday, November 4, 2010


You and somebody’s mom will be happy to know that I did rescue St. Joseph yesterday. Not unlike the Chilean miners, although there wasn’t nearly the same level of press coverage, and I didn’t need a team of world-class engineers to help operate the trowel. And Joe isn’t going to be running any marathons, either. Instead, he’s in his designated “place of honor,” which in our house translates to the highest shelf in the living room over the TV. If we had a fireplace, he’d be on the mantle, but we don’t, so that’s where he lives. And I think that he’ll do his job just as well, if not better, from there.

Currently, I’m fighting off somesuch. Seriously tired through and through, with vaguely achy muscles, occasional sneezes and that *thing* in my throat that says a cold is coming. I’d say I caught it from Sarah, but clearly she’s on the other side of the country, closer to you, so this isn’t possible. But I can’t think of anyone else who has a cold at the moment.

I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on this job thingy, and I can’t say I feel 100% comfortable with leaving it, but nor do I feel 100% comfortable with keeping it. The option still exists, for the moment. But I feel beyond pondering, for now. I’ve over-pondered today.

And I’ve also looked at too much online real estate today, too. At least there was one lone house on J.Lo’s hunt today that wasn’t a complete bust. But who knows what will happen with that.

My votes were also almost completely useless, but for different reasons. I never vote straight-ticket, and I love your republicanism, but I voted mostly dem this time. Our school board, especially, could have used that. It didn’t work out.

And, you know, no offense to potheads everywhere, but really? I mean, go ahead, legalize it. I really don’t care. But do they know there’s slaves out there? I’m just saying. It’s a lot of energy to expend over a flammable herb.

Well whatever. I’m done thinking. Grey’s, vampires, bed.

love you.

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