Friday, September 17, 2010


In a couple hours I can call in to see if I have to serve jury duty. Since the last 2 debacles I’ve wizened up and put a recurring alarm feature on my phone just in case, lets say that its not until Wednesday I get called in. Oh and of course I’ve decided to keep the shoes. I mean when I slipped that shoe on and it formed to my foot perfectly- it was like Cinderella and the slipper. Lights went off in my head. It was a complete Cheshire grin moment as I stroked the leather and smelled its awesome shoeness. Oh and speaking of Marley came in with a mouse, one that mom has been complaining about eating her birdseed. But these field mice are so frickin cute. Whatever, it was too late for this one, and I suppose diet variance for cats is good but I stopped short of him eating it on my couchchair and mom picked him up like he was covered in blood and carried him outside- it was a picture worthy moment- Marley unstruggling, arms and paws extended and body hanging down, mouse clamped in jaws with tail trailing, but I had THE shoes on so I was paralyzed and could only laugh.

Anyway, LL paid me the rest of my commission on the necklaces so that should cover it and besides paying my bills and buying supplies this is the one splurge out of that money- and budgetwise that seems fair? Reasonable maybe? I’ll save up for the wii. Because I should have one. Though my wrist is already sore from some especially vigorous wii tennis at lunch. I timed my departure to the game table after the two AP’s had left for their lunch so that they couldn’t watch to see when I left/returned. I already went beyond and above my own sense of condescending to my one AP’s freakoutfactor by arriving at work at exactly 930. It does however provoke my stealth mode. I’m a bit lazy about it but I will make it a game for the next 3 wks to be as little detected in my comings and goings as possible. I fall short of complete commitment though because pretending to research the sl/nk/t takes actual work verses just watching vmars and having a window open that makes it look like I’m researching something.

Also I know that technically my already skint PA work has run dry as the EP had wanted to kick me over to the other show but having confirmed the fact that my AP hates me when she didn’t go to bat for me for returning to the show post seattle, they hired another PA to do my job in the meantime... Which is fine. (The commute issss treacherous. Though the books on cd have been enjoyable.) So theres not much to research anyway and am just waiting for tape deliveries that only occur every other day. But otherwise it’s looking in the tv reflection to see if anyone is spying on me. Making sure no one can surprise me to the left, since the right is covered. Having the pretend work screen and x,ing off the days with the black sharpie. It’s like I’m a deadmanwalking. I mean that’s it really. That’s what it comes down to. That’s the feeling I’ve been having all day. Dead in the water and just waiting for the inevitable. And the EP keeping me on because? … she must have a soul… or feel bad or something. But my only tasks given by the new AP were more on superskrs and that blanket thing… and otherwise. Uh…. She did point out yesterday I wasn’t even on the contact sheet. So I feel the love there.

Alright, so besides that and my 2/1 jamba juice coupons, and the shoes… I mean who knows what else is going on- waiting for my nails to grow out. A meeting tonight… and timing how fast I can clear off my desk.



KillerB said...

Calling in for jury duty is the worst :(

almost anonymous said...

Shoe photos?

somebodys mm said...

jury duty totally sounds better except for the no pay thing.

ashley said...

My favorite sentence: It was a complete Cheshire grin moment as I stroked the leather and smelled its awesome shoeness.

Because, I know this feeling and it makes me happy.

The word verification is "hefersi" and I feel a bit insulted.

Andria said...

I agree: photos of THE shoes.