Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So it’s hotter than ever where you’re at and rainier than ever where I’m at. Seriously, all the water in the sky has apparently been saving up for this week alone, only to pour down in buckets. Inches upon inches of rain. Which the plants and humans alike love for like, 5 minutes, and then it’s – um, can I send back my order?

I don’t mind, though. It’s Hide Your Face From the Moon Week, which is a poetic way to say I’m touchy about everything. And the fewer people tramping out to see our house and pick it apart, the better. You see? – any other week, I’d be all, sell, baby, sell! And generally positive about any interest. But this week, the rain buckets and lack of trouble are good. We like the rain buckets.

And of course with everything skewed in my mind, I’m temporarily feeling like a grouchy, terrible parent who can’t get anything right. Klutzy. Messy. Unorganized. Bratty. Slacker. And also manipulated, at the moment, re: blogging job, because the change I totally foresaw, gut instinct, is impending and soon it will be All About Petitions. And I’m not a petition kind of girl. So I’ll have to mull and consider carefully and most importantly give it some time, because nothing makes sense or feels right when the moon rules you.

I did, however, manage to complete 1 out of 2 parenting magazine articles today, and I liked the end result. It was all about gift-giving craftiness, and made me want to immediately go out and buy some materials to get started. Except – that’s not the sort of thing to be buying at the moment. That’s the sort of that’s already packed away and stored in the POD and which (incidentally) I’ve already incited a meltdown or two over. “But I want to paint, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I know. And J.Lo’s all, “But the books are packed away and the library sucks and I have nothing to choose from.” And I’m all, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to pull out my old crochet project and get started on it again?” But that, too, is packed away somewhere in a box. To be unearthed someday.

Although we have pondered out loud on more than one occasion – damn, we should just sell everything in that POD. Clear out. The house is nice when it’s minimalistic. And it is. But practically speaking, some of those for-sale items are winter wear and linens and things like wedding pictures. Probably not the wisest items for a yard sale of no regrets.

You’re so funny about St. Joseph. Angel So literal where you’re not, normally. Symbolism, M, symbolism! We must embrace it. (And make that prayer work.)

Oh! Yesterday, I had a coup, RE: The CW and satellitetv. Buried in the Internets was a forum about applying for a waiver to receive the national (as opposed to nonexistent local) signal. So I checked to see if the station in question was available for waiver, and it was, and so for $2/month, I can now watch my ANTM on Wednesdays again and not deal with this Posting-Online-Four-Days-After-Airing-Crappy-Video-Quality-Bullshit that has been orchestrated by the Tyra-nt Company. Even though I do actually have to watch it on a different TV when it airs, as two higher-priority programs are recording at the same time, and even though I kind of hate that I love the stupid show so much I’d go to these lengths – but I’m enjoying the victory. Until I move. Totes.

Also, my teeth/gums are sensitive in a hurty, not-good way. Time to switch toothpaste? Again?

I may wash away in all this rain. But I *heart* you.




almost anonymous said...

Not as hot now, fortunately.

Icky about the blog job, because ew. Who wants to do petitions? And I always wonder at what point it's effective, and at what point it's just annoying (big or small annoyance). I mean, getting the same email from a bunch of people...click and delete.

pen said...

Exactly. Or set up a rule that automatically deletes any email with that subject. Just saying...

~sarah said...

I concur.

Also, the moon can totally effect your teeth/gums sensitivity. Whenever I go to the dentist and it's that time, I make sure to tell him so he is more careful and not alarmed by bleeding gums. He says many women experience this and it's no big.

pen said...

Oh - interesting! I used to get a canker sore every month. Thank goodness that phase is over, but I'm not loving the gums thing.

Andria said...

fascinating about the monthly gum sensitivity! who knew?! apparently ~sarah; thanks for sharing!
So glad you got the national feed, even if it is a bit ridiculous. I'm a crazy fan, too, so I get it.
ugh, sorry about the blogging changes.