Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm going on a spending freeze right after i buy chips for lunch. There was nothing but frozen peas to eat and for some reason I just couldnt see myself a way to assemble a salad either... tomorrow maybe though. I mean tomorrow, yes. I've committed. Obviously also the $3 breakfasts add up and the $2 teas... so for now anyway. I did cook breakfast for myself. Major victory. I thought for sure though the cats might eat me as they were all meowing at me and i finally got that they were expecting some handouts. Bossy cats. But no, had not thought of them.

Also I got some minor swag from work... s/llyb/nd/z. Its all the rage among the tweens. The only ones that fit were the red and black ones but they match my outfit so. Now i have ones shaped like a mic, a guitar, and one that spells rock among a few others. Yah, envy me. I noted also the producer did not get us cool swag in the form of listening devices for the head or so as not to seem greedy the EP did not tell the fit floppage place that the PAs deserved and wanted them too. Alas. So no free shoes either. Suck.

ANyway moving on. I had my chips, latte and some wii tennis. Our game was off. There's something in the water. I can't say. I think i'm boring myself with this work chatter. But i haven't been outside for so long. I did get some multi-colored post its... and am watching veronicamars- i officially have nothing to do but back up photosources... zzzzzzzzzzz.

All right, oh yah, so you're moving still. So that's crazy and the sculpey is genius. You could totally etsy that stuff too by the way. In time for christmas!? Hmm! Think about it.

My post it notes are so pretty...red,orange,yellow, light green, light blue...


pen said...

I hadn't thought of etsy! But would there be pressure to make them more "perfect?"

We are on the brink of a full moon. And K.Lo's got those same silly bandz, the rockstar ones. You're in good company.

almost anonymous said...

Awesomely (not) stuck at work waiting for a director to pick music. How is it I'm on a *big* show with two PAs, and I'm the one stuck here late again?

Uh. Sorry to vent in your comments.

You totally should have been on the flip flop list. That's not hugely expensive swag. Probably more than the bandz, but not gonna break the bank, since you know they got some bulk deal anyway.

somebody's mom said...

And if the flip flops were too small you could totally give them to your mom. Insurance company giveaways are pretty dull.