Sunday, September 19, 2010


New plan RE: POD! It occurred to me today whilst packing boxes and stacking them sky-high into a monumental eyesore of a sculpture down in the den that we didn’t actually have to pay to move the POD. Instead, we could have the POD come stay in our yard until we move and pack up the truck from there. And wouldn’t that be cheaper? Why yes, yes it would be. By a lot. So we’ll still be able to clear out the house for staging purposes, streamlining all rooms, closets, cabinets, etc., have a place to put shit as we pack up more, and make everything look as big and airy and glamorous as possible. And other than the sculptural eyesore, at the moment everything is looking pretty good. Sure there’s a bit more trim I could paint, maybe even the bathroom vanity *cough – notgonnahappen.* But after exhausting a whole gallon of paint in various trim work, I’m sorta done. Moving on. If chipped paint here and there is a deal-breaker for you at our price point, perhaps you should move on, too.

So I ordered the POD and a bit of peace of mind with it. And this weekend we checked off various big to-do list items, such as a new bathroom sink/toilet set, random caulking of corners, mulching, grout scrubbing with some horrible toxic substance, and adding hanging baskets to the front porch. We’re looking pretty spiffy. What’s left is deck staining, window cleaning and backyard cleanup, and surely a million other little things. I’m trying to embrace the reallylongprocessthatthisis and not feel impatient or rushed. Will let you know how that’s working out for me.

Oh, and Jesus has a table! It’s so exciting. Thanks to J.Lo for expediting this process in uber-stressful times.


And when not in use, they live in a drawer.



So excited!

Thoughts on ANTM? ProRun? Did we hate Andy’s pants? (Yes.) And why can’t the Tyrant post full episodes before SUNDAY, I’d like to know.




somebody's mom said...

Such a brain storm! And the boxes will be nice and close to the truck on moving day. How are the kids responding to all this extra activity? Jesus and the 12 are adorable. Love that they have a drawer bed.

almost anonymous said...

So Jesus is the only one with a beard? :)

They turned out awesome.

Andria said...

you rock! way to think outside the moveable Pod! And what awesome little figurines -- you should consider some extra income via etsy, definitely. Don't worry about the "perfection" part, because when people are buying hand-made, the imperfections are what make them endearing and unique.

pen said...

I thought I wrote this before, but I think blogger ate my comment: The beard was Jesus' single defining trait. :) And thanks everyone!

I feel a bit insane explaining that the Pod isn't actually going anywhere, but it makes so much sense. I mean, other than the delivery/removal fee, it's so, so much more convenient than having to load and unload a storage unit across town. Also makes yard sale sorting much easier. And I don't have to look at all the mess in my house. Ahh.