Thursday, September 2, 2010

m swirls,


The air of a hurricane is one of a kind. Even, apparently, when the hurricane doesn’t actually visit, but blessedly stays a few hundred miles offshore. Although the radar images are stunning – it’s so close! But not. Anyway, the sky, which is of course filled with swirly gray clouds, turns kind of yellow. Almost like it’s sunshine, but with a completely different feel. It’s sort of quiet (between gusts), and weighty and ominous, like pre-iceberg Titanic air, or something. This photo doesn’t at all capture it, really, although please admire our newly shiny black porch railing. J.Lo rocked it over the weekend. No more white, rusting flakiness. It’s the little things, you know, that convey sharpness.

Ooo, and speaking of, I replaced the dingy, dirty gray floormat in front of the kitchen sink with a $4, on-clearance spicy red throw rug from Target. Awesomeness. Also, omg, did you hate the formerly blue kitchen? I sort of liked the blue a lot, although it was admittedly not very kitcheny. It was the countertops from the 70s and the unfortunate wallpaper that I merely tolerated. Smile 

Oh, my. Did Windows Live Writer just insert an emoticon on my behalf? Must explore.

Sad smileSecret telling smileJust kiddingDevilLight bulbVampire batHot smileRolling on the floor laughingGreen with envyBowlLightning

Hmm. It goes on.

So anyway. It’s Thursday night, and after outlining my post about a Japanese pedophile being tried in Cambodia and claiming the girl looked 18 instead of 13 with her makeup on (lame), I’ll be enjoying some ProRun, unless Earl has other plans for our satellite dish. It is a bit touchy, admittedly. Not unlike me, at certain intervals. Which leaves me with this highly awesome paragraph and about Native American (specifically Lakota) philosophies toward womanhood. 

Follow your Grandmother Moon. Her illuminating cycles will transform your spirit." Begin with the Grandmother Moon at her brightest and most open. This is a time of outward activity and high energy. Sleep where the moonlight touches you. Walk outside where there are no artificial lights. Feel joy and creativity. As the Grandmother begins to cover her face, begin to withdraw into a quieter, less social place. Move to that inward place that is more about "being" than "doing." In the dark of the moon, when bleeding, the veil between you and the Great Mystery is the thinnest. Be receptive to visions, insights, intuitions. Go to a quiet separate place such as a Moon Lodge. Later, come out of the dark, a woman with a cleansed body. As the moon returns, come back out into the world, carrying your vision.

How much do we love this? Discuss.




almost anonymous said...

Love the black railings! And the quote at the end :)

jenn said...

Oh, wow. . . that quote is magical!