Sunday, February 17, 2013

penelope's terrible horrible no good very bad day

A bit hyperbolic for sure, but Saturday did pulse with expectation-fail and decision-regret. Like what was I thinking when, soothingly and cheerily, I was all, I'll stay with the dogs! No problem. And then sent the puppy-whisperer away with the children on their weekend.  I love my puppy, but my whispers do not yet reach her soul. At least the disciplinary ones. That's J.Lo's gift. So it was a day filled with accidents and sharp teeth and bitter tears. In retrospect, I realize two things - 1. it's so wicked cold out that outdoor trips are pleasant for no one; whereas the rest of the week hadn't been nearly so arctic, and 2. my dreams of all I'd get done or not done were way too large. Work? Psssh. Cleaning the kids' rooms? Ha. Also 3. Hormones. Duh. Why do I ever expect that to go well. I should have just had one thing on the list: Puppy. And everything else accomplished would've been cream cheese.

I did watch a fair amount of TV, however interrupted. And this morning I read. And it's been much calmer. Later if I can stand it, I'll go out and procure puppy tags that will make Sophie's collar jangle in an annoying but effective way, so I at least have an idea of where she is.

Oh, also, I took a long-talked-about trip to Goodwill in the next town over and found for $10 two pairs of Old Navy pj pants and a flannel J.Crew shirt that I absolutely adore. The fit, the softness, the color (green w/ white and pink) are a delight. Rural NC, you never cease to surprise me.

Church decoupage project: finished. Easter/Resurrection Garden prep: underway, at least in my mind. J.Lo built a planter box out of pallets (oh Pinterest, you're so magical with your ideas) and Thursday or so I'll go out to procure soil and plants and everything else. Oh, and rocks (to paint? I can't decide), I'll procure  more of those from the yard. Ideas welcome. Saturday is the day.

So now please tell me of your magical adventures with Cath! I want to hear everything. And see pictures. Although maybe you've posted some on FB; must go check.

love YOU,
penelope, not a vehicle or a puppy-whisperer, but still tentatively optimistic about the new day


bruckner said...

With that attention-grabbing title, I was hooked instantly! It's like when a TV show advertises during sweeps that one of the cast members is going to die!!!! Then you watch the episode and it's a desk clerk or some shit who bites the big one and you're sitting there in your pjs (old navy brand or what-have-you) and you're like, 'Wait a minute, that was the big pay-off?' :)

The one thing I will take away from this is that there are still places in the world that get 'wicked cold.' I really was under the assumption (thanks AL Gore) that except for the occasional snow storm, the rest of the world had heated up to shorts and sandals weather by now. That's just me, living in a bubble. An Al Gore bubble.

pen said...

I know right? I sensed its anticlimactic-ness myself, like by the time I sat down to write, my fire about the willful spastic puppy had disappeared. But at least we were wearing old navy pjs in spite of the weak payoff.

pen said...
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