Friday, February 8, 2013

life ah salts

Howdy-doo! from Green William, as dubbed by K.Lo. He's a pen. Procured from J.Lo's conference yesterday - mapping swag. Green William, in addition to that fabulous hair, has ears. And somehow that elevates him to another category of awesome.

Recent adventures, none of which come close to phone pickpocketing and NEDs in cabs, in terms of excitement value, but worth mentioning anyway. 

The Good ~ 
K.Lo's b-day. She's 7. How and when did that happen. She's toothless, she can hear again. It's amazing. 
VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER. It's silver and a Honda. An '09. Lacking in some bells and whistles but big on space, low on miles and pretty much awesome for our present needs. Like traveling all in the same car anytime we go places and want to take things or creatures like The Bender. 
Puppies that I daydream about: ... and may or may not have just emailed the owners about. Eek. [OMG THEY JUST EMAILED ME BACK.]
J came to visit last weekend for K.Lo's party and this weekend, K.Lo and I will be adventuring to her new house and doing some crafting there. 
Some people played football on Sunday and as a result I ate a lot of good food. 

The Eh ~ 
Not a lot of kids showed up to K.Lo's party? Apparently it's nearly impossible to communicate invitations to first-grade classmates, even when you provide both phone and email for RSVP purposes. But, we persevered. 
I need a job and can't find one. I might just apply for a techie-type job and try to bullshit my way through it JUST BECAUSE. I'm so frustrated with my utterly worthless resume and equally worthless education and now I'm ranting. But seriously. I want to work in nonprofit, part-time ideally and nothing's presented itself. Although for a second that early morning making-biscuits job at Hardee's didn't look terrible. Really. 

The Ugly ~ 
Lice again. Am not even fucking joking. And not because I'm bad at delousing, because let's be honest at this point I'm a freaking professional. It's because some parent threw a fit in the past year about automatic class-wide headchecks by the school nurse and so no longer is that happening at the first sign of lice nor, apparently, education about delousing. So whoever has it isn't itchy enough to warrant attention and my sensitive-skin child with a hypochondriac streak is sent to the nurse's office immediately. 
So guess who is now going to throw a fit. J.Lo volunteered as tribute, to talk to the principal about policy and LOGIC. 
I'm horrified sometimes at my chronic lack of communication with you. You're right that I depend on you (and everyone) to initiate contact, communication, etc. It's a fault of mine. Suggestions to amend? 

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