Monday, February 11, 2013

dear oldsame,

When I am not painting out calligraphy to you on parchment paper and gazing out the window reflectively as I write, I'm lamenting that you're unable to keep up fully with western popular culture until your stateside return. Because who else can I discuss ProRun with? Although I will say that I'm already disappointed in the new season because a. Michael Kors - whose one-liners pretty much make the show for me - isn't there, something about a schedule conflict and b. it's all teams. ALL teams. every challenge. And that wears thin after awhile, or one episode, whichever comes first. Also, I'm afraid you're now behind on an entire season of Downton. I have the finale left to watch, even though I already know the worst thing that happens. The whole season's been an outrage, really. A delightful, beautifully costumed outrage, but still.

The puppy name - oh she is so warm and furry and sweet, that puppy! - was decided on with surprising speed, although J.Lo did recall I liked a version of Sophie for the third child we're never not ever having, and he required that it be something upbeat, easy to say, happy. And I said it had to be two syllables. And then he suggested the name and I looked back at her, so tiny in the full-sized crate in the minivan, and it clicked. She is Sophie.

My van I have no name for except maybe Lo.Co. Lightning. It has to be something with Lo.Co., I feel, and the vaguely cheeseball reference to Grease does amuse me. K.Lo suggested Penelope, but clearly that was going to cause much future confusion. I am Penelope; I therefore cannot drive around a Penelope. That would be weird.

I cannot be-lieve you are done with your prison sentence, completely. (I'd make a Mr. Bates reference here, if only I could.) Hurrah, you! My dragon friend. What does it signify when it's your own year on the Chinese calendar? Will I have extra luck when the horse gallops round again? I feel the need to look up past years and see if I was lucky then.

I'm excited for you and Cath and your upcoming adventure! Floating markets! Hikes through the forest! Photo shoots with Tyra! And hope you find your next step soon, if only for the peace of mind. Does the hotel smell like perfumed grass, or is it just named so. Or both.

I want a lychee fruit. But I guess I'll settle for some afternoon coffee, instead.
yours from afar,
(a person, not a vehicle)

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