Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i'm so glad we're on the oldsame page

I did know you were quite up on all the TV shows while in K, but for some reason imagined you unable to download anything or have time to watch whilst r&r-ing, food-touring, countryside-seeing. I have no idea why I came up with that, but YES LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT GUY'S MOUSTACHE. He is a fave, for sure. I do enjoy Zac Posen well enough, and Nina of course provides a certain level of delicious disdain, but Michael Kors - the things he says and the way he says them. I miss that.

Also, I love that you signed your letter, Peace and Love (Tyra!).

And yeah, Anthony Ryan. He had definitely grown as a designer and the win was spottable a long way off. I can't say his final collection was my favorite out of the three - there was something spastic about Uli's crafty tangents this season, but I kind of loved most everything she turned out. But then, I love that she was just like, I'm enjoying the ride! and wanted to win but was also happy for whomever was going to win.

I spent the morning at the Honda dealership while they reset set a tire pressure sensor. All for the sake of turning off an alarming orange light on my dashboard, but it seemed like they could have done that in 10 minutes, rather than 90? However, they do provide free food and drink and I really needed some, since I was headless chickeny in the morning, between puppy attending, K.Lo cajoling (K.Lo-jing??) and oh, just a random haircut. It was time to lighten up some of the weight while the length carries on. Since two of my favorite people have been campaigning to have me grow it long, longer for awhile now. I shall appease them (you, J.Lo) and see if I can do it right this time. I was pleased with the haircut outcome, even if it took way too long and was badly timed and yet perfectly timed. Since I couldn't stand another second of its haphazard messiness.

Boo on bad massages and restless and foo on nha trang. Sayonara to its bullshit as we wave goodbye from the bus. But oh how I would love some authentic pho. Omg. Eat. It. All. Everywhere you go. Do it for penelope.

Applying for jobs requires entirely too much effort, btw. Not that I've even applied for a lot, because there are hardly any. But the seeking, the sifting, the registering with this and that site and the recopying of all one's bullshit information. Ugh. I demand a paycheck just for that. From whomever. Direct deposit would be great.

Also, in puppyland, I was rather pleased with myself for cutting maybe an inch and a half off the bottom of these jeans-that-fit I found at goodwill last week for ONE DOLLAR and thinking to myself, I shall tie three knots in the leftover fabric strips and give it to Sophie. And it's like her new favorite toy. Maybe there's a market for denim chew toys? (Probably not. and probably some puppy somewhere would choke and I'd get sued. and would feel devastated for having caused puppy murder. happy thoughts, penelope? i know. it's the way my mind works.) And also, she is such a good, sweet puppy! Love her. So smart. And chill. Such a different experience that raising the spazcase demonseed epic challenge of a puppy that was Bender. Granted it was a different world back then. And Bender was the impetus for overcoming my dog-fear. And I couldn't really know what I was getting into, right? But got some points I think for my blind optimism madness bravery. And she turned out okay, after all. I do love when Sophie dishes out some puppy sass in response to the crotchetiness that is Bender-Dog.

May you find THE WORLD'S BEST CUP OF COFFEE! on your travels today. (Be sure to congratulate them on that accomplishment with great enthusiasm.) In the future. How much in the future are you, btw? And where are you, again? Where in the world is mendacious!

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