Wednesday, February 20, 2013

dear m-and-cath

Still snarfling, yes. I feel like the cold is progressing either for the better or maybe it's gearing up to infect my chest, ears and sinuses. Let's hope the former. Today I do feel more fully functional. And I ended up calling the job-place to confirm the fax receipt, rather than stopping by, because when it came down to it, I just didn't know what door to go into. True story. It's a small school with separate buildings and there seemed to be three options, but none of them obviously THE ONE, and then you know most schools keep their doors locked these days, so I really did not want to be That Person tramping about, trying to figure out which door was the right door and looking, best case, like an idiot, or worse case, like a creeper. So I called. They were friendly. They got my fax. The end.

Prepare yourself for some EXTREMELY CUTE PUPPY PICTURES, to be posted separately once my phone updates.

I love hearing about the motorbike riding. The name of it and everything. And I suppose dried out vegetation would be preferable to swampy leech-filled-ness, if one has to choose. I do love the pictures on Facebook, as well as your words! but DO need to know more about the snakes.

Tonight I have an epic-long bells practice, for performances both Friday night and Sunday morning? I have a question mark there because in spite of the email sent out the other day to clear things up, I still don't know exactly what we are playing and when. And then Friday's thing is part of a variety show, so it's supposed to be a little silly, which makes me think of the California Raisins claymation Christmas special, but then again, everything I play makes me think of the claymation Christmas special. And not being That Bell.

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New expression picked up from Community: "No sweat, Boba Fett." I hope it becomes a thing.
no sweat, boba fett!
xoxox and keep eating good food for me,

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