Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hello M-and-Cath,
Have you watched Downton yet? Clearly the season 3 finale has priority over, or at least on par with, all your world-traveling adventures. I was in fact much less stressed out than expected, knowing what was coming, but disappointed all the same. It seems like a kick in the teeth to us loyal viewers, really. Also, I fell asleep after an hour Sunday eve and had to watch the rest in the morning. After a restless night plagued by the sudden onset of Disgusto-Cold. I have been snarfling, head-aching, tired and *wah* ever since and would very much like to hide under the covers until it's all over.

However, life swirls on and demands attention. Like Bender, who seemed to be on the upswing from her upsetting state of being last week, but then left this horrifying, not-small streak of blood on the bed this morning and after a vet visit was determined to have colitis, or a parasite, or something. She's now loaded up with pills and powders and special foods. And if that doesn't solve the problem, there will be blood tests and other things that I'm covering my ears and LALALA-ing about.

Puppy is better behaved since Saturday, at least. Partly, she's been thwarted by her new nametag, which jangles everytime she moves. No more silent-surreptitious-shadow-lurking for the tiny fur-creature.

Also, poll-time: I applied for a TA position at a nearby school, faxing in my resume as directed by the emp agency and now, as the next forward-but-ideally-not-obnoxious step, do I: a) call to see if they received it or b) stop by in person and ask if they received it? Less to ask about the fax than to get my name remembered, or whatever. Keeping in mind that the 3-minute commute is highly appealing, amongst other pluses. And that I tend to suck at job procurement.

Today, inexplicably, K.Lo has the day off (teacher workday, or somesuch) so we're reorganizing her bedroom furniture according to her, um, vision. And it looks pretty good so far, aside from the giant, horrifying pile-o-junk in the middle of it. I mean the furniture placement is remarkably smart. She's been watching House Hunters and Love It or List It on HGTV. Mwah. And likes to switch up room furniture, which is J.Lo's bane, but my secret also-obsession, so I can't help but support it. Even when I have a cold. And want to die before moving furniture, as mentioned.

Love to you both across the land and seas,


almost anonymous said...

If you want it, stopping by in person lets them see your face, and oh, by the way it's super convenient for you that I live close, right? :) (Plus, you can have a copy handy if, by chance, they didn't get it.)

But maybe not if you seem like you're going to pass them the plague.

bruckner said...

I vote for stop by as well (though the previous commenter has a good point about the plague. The sight of leaking orifices goes a long way to helping somone make a decision abiut the type of disease-ridden person you might be). Anyway, if I were hiring a TA, the in-person stop by would make a stronger impression on me. At the very least it will afford you the opportunity to snag something personal of theirs (a business card, strand of hair) for use in the asembly of a voodoo doll should you not get the position.