Sunday, September 9, 2012


And I was just thinking, I miss your words! And your world. But then you sent pictures and a post so complain I can’t. I don’t love this notion of getting fired a month before you’re done, like why should you even have to worry about that! But clearly. And I understand why M wouldn’t want to go to the labor board – she must be weary of it all at this point – but seriously. I feel like your employer needs a few slaps on the wrist from said labor board, that they couldn’t hurt.

But anyway. Now even I’m talking about it too much.

My world contains WAY too much this week. And I’m mildly freaking out about the fact that there’s no way it will all get done. It just won’t, and I know what will have to be sacrificed, but still I can’t help but wish/hope/pray. I’m trying to concentrate on the third element the most, and see what happens. And carry my towel and Don’t Panic.

Brief rundown of specifics to that vagueness, feel free to take a nap at this juncture: this morning was church. This afternoon is a church picnic w/ dessert contest. I made pumpkin spice blossoms, which are like those pb blossoms with hershey kisses, except they are snickerdoodle cookies with pumpkin spice kisses. Tomorrow is library day, in which I go into the library and (with help) finish the bulletin board, sticker the spines of over 250 books, arrange said books prettily on the shelves and set up a table with books for the sale. Oh and also brainstorm about the Children’s Sabbath service taking place in November. I know. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings I must seize the munchkin-free time and tag several boxes of kids’ consignment items for the sale next week. Some things they’ve outgrown a lot and they wouldn’t care, but some things would make their little eyeballs rolls out of their heads and I can’t deal with it. Wednesday evening is: the first practice for handbell choir. Which deserves its own post I’m sure but for now I’ll let you say, YOU’RE JOININING A HANDBELL CHOIR! WHAT. (Oh, if you’re still napping, wake up!) Followed by fellowship dinner, followed by the aforementioned library opening/book sale. Or maybe I didn’t mention it, but that’s the reason for the rush. Friday afternoon we’re going out of town for the whole weekend. So add in packing and planning that. And then here’s what has to be sacrificed – cringe: paying work. I managed to snag 10 topics, due Friday, and I know there’s no way in hell I can finish them all. Right? But 5 at least, hopefully? it’s like, the first thing I’ll have been paid for all year. and a miracle in and of itself, but I can’t actually write like the wind. but maybe it’s a good week to pretend I can. and to pray.


Buoyancy. Yes.

happy Sunday/Monday to you my friend! write soon and tell me more about the future. 



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almost anonymous said...

Woohoo! Paying work and hand bell choir :)