Sunday, September 30, 2012

epic photo addendum

books i chose from over lunch (hot spicy soup) one day
stencils i found after making the library bulletin board freehand (have owned for like 20 years)
photo-a-day challenge (padc): "love/hate"
padc: "under"
padc: "good thing"
book for k.lo, in honor of her four loose teeth
k.lo's new sunglasses, after she dropped hers in the intracoastal
padc: "fridge"
padc: "something i like" (three favorite bands mentioned in a single sentence)
picnic choice: mississippi mud brownies or cookie bars?
the book i chose first
the bs work that i'm very thankful to do (topic: teething without teeth. really.)
padc: "me, then"
k.lo art, in honor of clifford's birthday
padc: "near"
ben folds and the FRAGGLES, who are in a new music vid together
accidental closeup shot of my sweatshirt courtesy of my elbow
praying mantis on a boot
padc: "up" (kitchen light)
proving j.lo wrong by cleaning a car headlight with toothpaste
padc 2: "up" (through the sunroof after rain)
n.lo w/ requested spiky hair
padc: "framed" (downtown ILM on our mantel)
painting shutters! that's happening.
padc: "sometimes" (wallace shawn must stare incredulously at the world from behind my jacket)

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