Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Admittedly, I thought maybe I could sneak under the blogging radar a bit while you were traversing SE Asia, but no - there you are, hiking stairs and food touring and Facebooking and attracting new friends like a magnet. In all your loveliness. And saying, "Um, friggin' blog already." So here I am.

K.Lo's ear tubes in/adenoids out went well, considering. I mean if we did it all over again with the help of our crystal ball, we would not have had to arrive predawn at the hospital to bargain for a price with a fatted calf. What? Yes anyway - you bargain for a price at 5:45AM in the morning and if you're charming enough you get 30% off the estimated fee and decide you're fine with that. We witnessed K.Lo loopy, gazing at the cloud-covered florescent lights and the curtain walls and saying, "Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a hospital all the time and played hide-and-seek..." which was charmingly slurred when she spoke it. And then they said, "Whoops, have to go back to the other room and wait for x amount of time, we're not really sure how long, because it's too warm in the OR and we can't regulate it.' Which sucked, because she was literally all set to go. And then became very hungry, and very restless, and very whiny. But we all lived, and managed. Stinging ear drops were the most traumatic aspect of the weekend, but cake and birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa compensated. And then one of the tubes became blocked, and if I had a nickel for every time that school nurse called me by now... it was a sub, and he randomly was all - I looked in her ear, and I think this is the problem - followed by some very specific details. And so we went to the doctor two days earlier than scheduled and it turned out he was exactly right. 

Meantime: drinking too much coffee? Trying to pare back by at least a cup anyway. Five is overdoing it, at least when one's thoughts and heart begin racing excessively. So more tea maybe. But I do love coffee. And hair? Approaching or ensconced in another phase of Awkward, so should I cut again or pin up or... I think I'm going with pins, for now. And silent suffering. I have an end-goal in mind. I did taxes today. It's always a nightmare somehow and makes me feel so. on. edge. but I persevered and am nearly certain they are correct this year and the payback was a good one. 

And the next few days will be a whirlwind of errands for K.Lo's science-center party Saturday and birthday Sunday, and something about a big football game for which we are having friends over? So snacks for that. And art and garden planning, somewhere in the midst. I feel like there are suddenly a lot of events coming up: book club, V-Day, possible movie outing (Beautiful Creatures), possible road trip, cabin camping  in March, anxiously awaiting the fate of the won, and a book-themed baby shower and some other things. Women's Bible Study and retreat weekend and possibly knitting? too many items cycling from hands to air to hands to air and demanding to be caught. But I suppose they'll all land in their place. 

Some random pictures: N.Lo had Western Day at school. I crocheted hearts and hung them on the fireplace. K.Lo at the ear doctor for the bazillionth time. Fearsome medical instruments. One of five shadowboxes displaying Things Removed at said doctor's office in the late 70s, early 80s. Bender hears something. K.Lo's surgery incited a Tooth Fairy visit, as well. My mom does awesome needlework. J.Lo does awesome woodwork. I made doll bedding! two mattresses, pillows and sheets. And N.Lo has a cold, too. 

xo to you, who has much to tell! 

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