Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#33 Prep for Launch

Ok so since we last left off... it's been awhile. I haven't had my yoger presso days of relaxing to update at all properly. And this one was filled with Meaghan and some talk about what to do in seoul though my coffee for the first time ever was on the house- about time! And strong enough to leave me shaking. But since the yoger lady is leaving and I'm leaving- it was a good last. I dont have much time to relate- i suppose only in a slapdash way-- there was friday. Then somewhere in there i packed everything including my coat against my better judgment even though it's going to be below freezing in seoul. Whatever! Saturday, we went to the stonepark museum again. There was coffee. Walking. More wandering. More singing. More innisfree if you can believe it. More free socks also. What else. Then it was Monday and there was the postoffice where the original suitcase was 30kg, then Tuesday where i can't recall at all what might have occured except for my least favorite class, Wednesday was the pension office and a pen purchase and the day went on but i was optimistic even though it dragged and the students cursed and asked questions. We made a good end with those classes and i think at least a few students are sorry to see me go. And now today- the last day of class. The last days in seoul mapped. The last wander, the last coffee, the last meal... my apartment almost cleaned, and the k teachers rallied. We're going for coffee and dessert tonight after class. And in the much necessary proof of love kris who helped me with my cat, joined facebook and added me as her friend. So i'm soon to go up the hill knowing they love me and hopped up on caffeine.

I'm over budget and hoping to rein it in by sunday. One of the sara's actually begged off last night because she was overbudget and while i was like lame- i was like no, thats good. That's what people need to do, say no, go on with life, and not overextend themselves on credit. Sure i do hope to pay myself back with final paychecks but still. I will say the pajon i had was AH-mazing. And it gives me ideas for the kind of party i'd have when i come back- have select gatherings where i give people korea socks, they do facials and manicures, and we eat k food and watch a kdrama. What else-- oh yes AA's question-- it's rather obvious in that you almost forget- they're all english teachers. All in a state of transcense- transcience and contractual start and end dates. aLMOST every single foreigner here is an english teacher. Unless you have another type of visa, and missionary visas are relatively new so even they- teach.

Allright i am too ancy to focus-- my mind ablaze. Tomorrow is finally seeing the early dwelling village, coffee farm near me, maybe an oreum if the weather holds for a walk and a wander and then some serious gaming session, maybe popcorn and an all day DAY sort of thing. Saturday I'm dropping off the key, and heading to shin- for the minimil coffee last of lasts... and then to the airport. Allegedly damon is going to meet us... and all i hope to accomplish is a garden tour (somewhat ill-timed but winter etc... must do), a museum and a traditional neighborhood. That's it. Though I think Mtoo has an idea that there will be fancy cocktails and tango in my future... maybe.

No one knows for certain.

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almost anonymous said...

I can't believe you're finished with this adventure I've experienced vicariously (and therefore it's been rather surreal).

I can't wait to see you!

About what I figured, as far as the church people, but I thought maybe they'd be there doing something else mysterious and exciting.