Saturday, January 12, 2013

dear old-same,

Aw, I read Snow Flower last year. I'm totally on board. I can't say I remember how it ended, but the experience of reading it stays in my heart. And the foot-binding! I was a little obsessed with that. Do I recommend google image-searching it? Perhaps. Or no. No, don't do it. But maybe. If you find yourself in a darkly curious mood.

Let it be said here and now that I won't continue in a leadership role with C.Council after this term is up (November? lord help me). I'll serve on the council, but I'm just so not a leader. Not saying I'm a follower, because I feel like that's not true either. Maybe more like a one-girl wolfpack to your sleeping-dragon. Or some other solitary creature that's more delicate than a wolf but ornery, but willing - no, seeking - to aid other creatures with love or art or insight. And then fly away, back to my nest for awhile.

And why are there no pills to help a person think on the fly? It's such a weakness and I try not to dwell on it but sometimes, there it is. You want me to - um, er - lay hands on my fellow council members and pray over them? I know you'd be perfect at that, old-same, but not this Catholic-raised spirit. I don't know what this even is, and please don't make me do it with ZERO warning. And thank you God for friends who come to my immediate rescue.

Sigh. That was awkward.

I'm up to purple on the rainbow, after yellow and before white. I'm suddenly in charge of a paper mosaic decoupage thing due late February and I'm currently thinking it should look like stained glass, but how. Can it be done. Also, I'm suddenly-somehow in charge of creating a resurrection garden like this one and can that be done. And there's a city photo contest whose winners will form a calendar... Anyway, all these things emit some light.

Making a new soup tonight - Zuppa Toscana or somesuch? Outlet shopping with Mom tomorrow. Children alternately dazzling and exasperating me in the meantime. Opening the second YA book in my pile, the first absolutely delicious and consumed in the manner of cake. Hoping for the best come March travel and still wishing we could hash it out together rather than individually determining its impossibility and unintentionally wounding the other in our silent stress-filled conjectures. Together we are better, is this not true, old-same?

And Jeremiah - I cannot be-lieve!

much love to you on our virtual secret fan,


almost anonymous said...

One of the introvert books said, more or less, we're best at being the power behind the throne :) So true. Not The One In Charge, exactly, but also not a foot soldier or peasant (or lemming) blithely following along.

Any and all public speaking should come with a warning for those who are not regularly public speakers. As when I'm suddenly teaching part of a martial arts class, ignoring Winning Habit #5: Make Preparation a Habit. There are those of us who cannot prepare in thirty seconds or less.

On the spot = brain equivalent of the spinning beach ball of death (your computer is now frozen).

bruckner said...

Why are there no pills for thinking on the fly? Because then there would be no unwanted pregnancies. And where would the fun be in that?