Thursday, January 17, 2013

dear old-same,

The storms they are a-brewing. Last weekend it was 70s and sunny and there was much lamenting that it was going to be one of those years with no snow. But now! It's like snow mania. We are mere hours from what is supposed to be a 4-inch fall of perfect snowman/snowball snow. Anticipation is high.

K.Lo's ear saga continues. I took her in Monday for what I predicted to be a boring follow-up, a yawn and everything is fine after so much fuss appointment. And then before I know it I'm scheduling ear tube insertion and adenoid removal. As in surgery. Which isn't as big an ordeal as tonsils, apparently, but still?! Didn't see that one coming. And K.Lo cried a lot, from nerves, which I don't blame her. So that's happening next week on Friday. Yipes.

And then in the midst of my adenoid googling, I happened on all these cross-searches for sleep disorders and was all...??? That's a thing. Maybe it's been K.Lo's thing, her whole sweet, sleep-deprived life! Wouldn't that be amazing.

Oh, so you never answered AA's question which I also had in my brain, on your traveling church members, what do they do on the island (and do they live there all the time or just for a little while)?

A side note about foot-binding and how it is a perfect example of humans being weird and illogical and occasionally insane. Okay, so a culture reveres small feet. But those aren't small feet! Those are broken, folded, squished stump things that used to be feet. I mean, besides the excruciating pain these women went through at the time of binding, it affected their mobility for a lifetime! The whole thing makes me gag. Especially when it can probably be traced back to a single, sadly influential perv with a (mangled) foot fetish. JUST SAYING. This is how crap like Nazism evolves and takes over a people.

Are you wearing the coat home? Could you ship it? (We actually have one of those fur-coat bears! from my dad's mom's coat. But yours would be more of a parka bear.) Anyway, it doesn't've had it since Chicago...I don't know...

Cooking: beef and vegetable soup
Children: quiet
Fireplace: roaring

love to you as you pack it up, or restrain yourself from doing so ~

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somebody's mom said...

Prayers for an easy surgery for K-Lo and recovery. M's brother had the surgery when he was six, just after M was born. He started hearing sounds he hadn't heard before after the tubes did their job.