Thursday, January 26, 2012

while you’ve been out ~

Because I know you’re just dying without the mundane details of penelope’s life. In the meantime, I’m dying without photographical documentation of your journeying. And all the written details in between. Not that your emails thus far haven’t been magical. Love them. Papering your walls, what a clever idea! :-D You could also do blank paper and draw/paint on it. Depending on what you find. We’ll have to brainstorm over video chat.

So anyway, here’s a rundown of current events:

~ I strained my neck/shoulder in old-person Tai Chi at church over a week ago. Lame. It was clearly a waiting to happen crick, but goawayalready.

~ Book club Friday night, Mexi restaurant, a post-holiday reconvene discussing our various book-swap books. Which I didn’t read, because mine was a beachy chick lit book that turned out to be a cancer story. Completely unfair. There were only three of us, but the margaritas were tasty and I think I ate an entire basket of chips. This is not uncommon behavior.

~ Our friends came to visit this weekend, and beforehand L called specifically to see if it was supposed to snow, and I was all, oh – No no. We haven’t had nearly as much as last year, blah blah, forecast says sunny. And then it totally snowed. But it was sort of perfect and we think it was just for us. Because literally during the snow, the forecast still said sunny and there was nary a patch of radar-green within a hundred miles of us. It was just enough to entertain the children and melted by noon.

~ Also I love when good friends invite themselves to visit because I never seem to have to the gumption or wherewithal to make it happen.

~ N has been Mr. Crabby Pants.

~ K’s handwriting is becoming all neat, and she writes sentences. With kindergarten-endorsed “inventive spelling,” but still it’s sort of amazing.

~ One of my mom’s long-lost cousins wrote this book. What! Not like I haven’t been obsessed with that particular topic or anything.

~ I have 11 chapters left of Grain’s book. I love it. We have such talented friends.

~ Related theorizing, which happens every time I edit a friend’s fiction: though a writer, I lack the storytelling gene. Am more of a roundabout, let me take you on a spiral through twenty levels of emotion kind of girl.

~ Heidi and Seal have split.

~ Schrute is getting a spinoff. About life on the beet farm.

~ Ben Folds is reuniting with the Five of legend and lore to make a new album.

~ Have watched all of Downton season 1, am completely enamored. Waiting on season 2 as am feeling picky about the sound quality of PBS vs. Netflix. I know. #firstworldproblems

~ My college roommate is going to visit soon – have not seen in person since my wedding, I think? Awesomesauce. See above note about People I Like inviting themselves here.

~ Am obsessed with this blogger lately – Momastery. Oh, such divine wisdom!

~ Using app to explore Bible a little more. There are various reading plans to choose from.

~ Have picked up my crocheting again, the 6-year blanket that J.Lo has inexplicably deemed the Death Shroud. How rude.

~ Related: someone in this house is turning SIX. Is this okay? Not really!

~ Aldi is supposed to sell chocolateseasaltcaramels in a few weeks, a special buy for $2.99. WHAT.

~ We’re going to visit Ash in Athens in March! To see a concert! And the Hunger Games!

~ Scott has switched to decaf (epic), which means that a) I’m using the Keurig a lot more regularly b) I am drinking even more coffee because the there’s always decaf leftovers and it doesn’t make me all jittery and c) I may have a coffee problem.

love to you in Jeju -

(how glad are we that this rhymes?)



almost anonymous said...

You're getting emails? Not fair :)

somebody's mom said...

Magical to get to read your writing.