Thursday, January 26, 2012

p.s. ~

I got mail from you today! From America when you were still here. I love the bags, somebody’s mom! I will have to take pictures. And I have to ponder our epic blog headers/printsofus. Framed series? Collage? Make wallpaper for friend in Korea?

also ***very important*** I forgot to mention that my hair is at a highly awkward stage of growth. torment. I mean, they are not just badhairdays. they are stupidhairdays. very, very stupid. whatever, hair.

I got jehovaed this morning. bender barking ferociously in the background, was read an apparently prophetic bible passage. it’s all to be taken literally of course. in case you didn’t know. I took the literature Just Because. it’s very gloomy and presumably God never wants us to have any fun, ever? Yeah. I reallydontgetit.

oh and napoleon dynamite is a cartoon. on sundays. it’s kind of stupid but we keep watching. I mean I do appreciate that many of the characters are voiced by the original actors. at least. and it was all very cartoonish anyway…

tell me what you’re eating over there in jejubes. and more about methods of teaching these little people. and everythingelseinbetween.

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almost anonymous said...

Boo. Time for some hats?

Fox shows on Hulu had a bunch of Napoleon commercials on a while ago. It looked blah to me, but I never fell in love with the original.