Thursday, January 19, 2012


  • mind constantly fogged and hazed, described as distracted, frazzled and preoccupied
  • games played within a month of my dad buying xbox: gears of war, gears of war 2 and portal. had to get my game on before it was gone. right? uh... yes. right. also really perfect brainshut off mental escape. coupled with mass over stimulation mode. shake off the fatigue! keep playing! go back to packing! go back to playing! solve the mission, kill the bad guy, find the war journals.
  • things i didn't think about while playing: packing, leaving, packing, packing, packing, details
  • overloaded on: love, friendship and things to pack.
  • things said: this is the most unprepared ive ever been for a trip, details of said trip, no i dont have a place to stay in seoul. and, "i'm going to miss you most of all"... said mostly to twist and marley.
  • sad i didn't pay attention to the yard or finish all my gf bread? yah, sad about it somehow.
  • eternal frustration: transferring music files
  • hoping to actually articulate more thoughts on the other blog about the coming and going of me.
  • and more letters to you of course.
i would stop short of even sending this, but ive got it typed out. as it is the final bits of packing are calling to me. must resist throwing in bottles and boxes and continue to condense and refine. i'm boring myself with the rambling alone.

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pen said...

am overwhelmed on your behalf - so much processing. however I feel confident you'll pull through. now then, let's research some accommodations in Seoul? Shall we?