Saturday, January 28, 2012

to m on the island,

Oh, culture shock. What fun to witness. I find the internet cord dangling from your building appalling and yet somehow appropriate. I’ll need a picture of that. I mean, I assume the fancy camera made the luggage cut. Because I’m also going to need a picture of that most excellent dish soap, and any other awesomely tag-lined product.

My dish soap, for the record, smells like pet cleaner, and I hate it. It’s secured its place on the Aldi is Wicked Awesome but Dutifully Avoid the Following Items for Purchase list. Also on the list: sandwich bread (lacking in flavor and texture somehow – probably a lack of preservatives and/or dough conditioners), jerky (J.Lo doesn’t like it), men’s deodorant (ditto), toothbrushes and boxed mashed potatoes. That last one I don’t normally ever buy, regardless of the store, but I accidentally picked it up instead of au gratin. It was not a serendipitous mistake.

Your ticking stove reminds me of the running toilet pipe in my Chicago Bldg room. Oh dear.

As to the inevitable wants-creeping-in, perhaps you could picture each whatever-it-is as the Buddha statue I wanted to buy in that weird store in Chicago last February. And you’re me, and then you talk yourself out of it? Because it’s all just *stuff* after all…

So at the moment I’m semi-agitated after finding myself at Walmart over the weekend when I didn’t want to go. But there were food needs, and wrench needs. And whatever-else needs. Stupid ones, I feel sure. I did manage to thief some of those card “picks” from the flower department, so I can use them on K.Lo’s cake. They totally fit the bill for my idea. Which is a surprise, so you’ll have to wait.

Walmart isn’t the best place to feel great about mankind, however.

Also, I started watching “Waiting for Superman” this morning, and that doesn’t make one feel great about mankind, either.

Although allegedly we all belong to each other…

And so you belong to the new littles, and they to you. I hope you adapt well. When do you officially begin?

Other notes: I’ve been on a winter organizing spree, and have thusly conquered my closet, my drawers, our bathroom cabinet, the linen closet, K’s closet – which is now a reading space that I covet. The drawer in the children’s bathroom that was like an explosion of ribbon and sparkly lip gloss. The wrapping paper/gift bag stores. The refrigerator, which I might have previously mentioned in an equally boring post. And this is all building up toward A Conclusion in the form of organizing the craft area downstairs. Which is so overwhelming I’ve taken over a year to ponder it. But when it’s done I’ll also be setting up a table for this alleged sewing machine purchase projected to occur in the birthday month.

If I keep talking about it, someday it will happen.

love to you on jeju




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