Sunday, July 31, 2011


i've finished a particularly savory piece of flapsteak. choicely grilled and slightly salted from crystals harvested in the pacific ocean. as yet another succulent taste of heaven. watching celebrityrehab and reading cs.lewis' surprised by joy- i have taken a break to reflect with you on yet another low month possibly 2nd only to April in ambivalence and lack of bon mots (in our entire history), of which is there really an explanation? except to say that we've reached a dangerous state, reflected in the suckatude of the whole of 2011 thus far, thusly dragging us to the unmined depths of silence and lackluster eyes glazed and drooping upon a too bright computer screen. it is surprising that i can muster this much description- lewis and the steak are probably the only reason, and the last iced latte i'll have in the next 21 days. (lord,preserve me.)

i went shopping today and dumbly grabbed beans and rice and instant packs of gf.noodles and gf soysauce, and a pepper melange- trying to think of anything besides tofu that i could eat as protein- quinoa yes- what else? let alone what sort of flavor combinations to concoct with no butter or cheese/milk- and only spices, onion, cilantro and ? oil... yes... given that i don't cook at all... well it doesn't have to be that varied or perfect right? but i digress. i will only pause in this ramble long enough to water the pots and for mom to hulahoop her abs into submission....

it took longer than we thought but i'm back- (reading cadfael mysteries aloud) oh and yes, borderlands. once you obsessively play it loses its luster but i found the strategy needed and the weaponry to be quite awesome and entertaining. the story thin as a wafer. i am only sorry i do not have xbox to play with j.lo online. my soldier roland was a good soldier, a fine soldier he was.

bruckner will be happy to note my soul has stopped rejoicing and now i'm a little sorry for yelling at it. it cannot, in teresian fashion, be blamed for the exalted heights to which it has climbed when with the Lord. alas. i can only imagine my whole self will start a full complaint at being denied meat, butter, and french fries... but nevermind, press on. press on.

attached below you will find pictures of july:


bruckner said...

good. glad to hear we're back on even ground.

There is no joy in life. There is only suckatude (to use your expression. Or is that schopenhouer?)

pen said...

I kind of love the July pictures! In spite of its obvious suckitude.