Saturday, July 2, 2011

enclosed photos c/o pen:

well june wasn't as bad as the proceeding months except for when my cat got that mouth infection and seemed like he might die... still it seems touch and go and mostly a shrug the shoulders affair. but there was some mystery. some outings into nature. some danger and darkness... friends made up for it i think. so when i say 'm'eh' its not a reflection on you whatsoever. but m'eh.

this one is my favorite of the month i think. a reflection of spent daisies.
oh kitty, live forever. he's like eh, come on i'm 16 already. STILL i say. still.
this one below i was at the trendy 'coffee table'. my date was a no show so i sat there and read the hunger games. i just set out to photo the sparkly tiles but i'm pleased instead with the luminescent pool before me. i was reminded that its good to adventure into trend everyoncenwhile- but its back to the working class SBux for me in the future.
besides an excessive amount of fraps as a soothing mechanism... i did reach the 'green card' goal... so lo' and behold i get my soy shots for FREE now. its like a new light has dawned. who knew... anyway this describes my feelings on the matter of the month (not my feelings about the greencard which are awesome)  while out and about with callie- i noted my shingles have moved to slightly tender but mostly recovering except for the ugly brown scarring so far.
i thought i'd flip someone off on my way to church. i was feeling misunderstood and unloved by humanity at that moment.  i sent this as a text pic. i thought it was funny... ?

wendy and i before we tasted honey or got attacked by seagulls... a portent, surely.

oh computer! i have no idea what file is corrupt. please stop it.


pen said...

not a bad month...? is that little pippasqueak i see? loves.

i thought the flipping off pic was funny fo sho. and the dreaded blue screen of death, ugh. me too. go away, bsod!

jenn said...

I love your monthly photo reviews! I especially like the ones of the daisies and the table. And the kitty pictures, because I am a sucker for kitties.