Tuesday, July 5, 2011

jesus almost lost his head, A Note From M

my parents came home at 11am and made lunch yesterday. they seemed to think it was perfectly ordinary. but true enough they didn't eat dinner until 6. and 7 hours seems too long to me between meals. i mean snacking could be regarded as evil but is it? i guess it depends. but whatever. i meant to tell you sooner but i received a few things in the mail. 2 postcards from cathy proving she was infact in boston. i don't remember her telling me about going to boston at all. it does explain her not returning my email all weekend previous and her subsequent text saying "i'm in portsmith"... but seriously she didn't tell me. and portsmith could've been a pub. and i was like hello, i miss you! even though it had only been 3 days.

and then i got a wee package from you. a little shoddily wrapped considering what was inside. ahem. i mean it IS a little icon of jesus. like you thought by merely putting it in plastic bubbles it would come to me unscathed but there's this ominous crack at his collar line. like 20 years from now you know it's going to fall or something and his head will go rolling and people will start screaming and i'll assure them it can be glued back on and that it's not some harbinger of doom. he is the awesomest little jesus ever. i'm sure he'll be fine. he is my absolute most favorite ever. and i'm so very glad he's here. next time you have to sign his foot though.

besides that i've been trying to jar myself out of lethargy. i've only managed to go walking 2x a week for the last 3wks which is an improvement from 0. i suppose now would be the time to try for 3x a week. yesterday i unsuccessfully wrote a blog and went to a 4th of july party to spend with my dear friend danica. as in reality i sat at my desk staring into space, almost took a nap which for me is a portent of low bloodsugar or serious illness. i did manage not to spend any money and tried to fend off the thought that i'll never find/look for/be hired for a job again. by the end of a marathon of watching damages on netflix and eating too many bingcherries i managed to finish a bracelet and redo my lenten necklace almost, oh and make sure no one set lolly on fire. of course mom was worried about the highly flammable eucalyptus being set on fire but they were fine. hispanic peeps love fire works. just like american peeps. but we 3rd and 4th generations feel more beholden to the law that says they are ILLEGAL here. which is a damn shame. where as even on christmas down in CENAM they were going off regularly...so you know the sort of light show i had not 2 houses down from me/all around me people thought spending money on explosives was the right thing to do. i have to agree even if marley and turtle spent most of the night in nervous combat crawl mode. mortimer to his streetcred' remained completely calm. so in the case with all the 1st and 2nd generation devil may care pyros the police can only do so much and that's a mostly good thing just this once.... God Bless America. 

in closing, you can tell by the picture taken last week that my posture hasn't changed much. though i did do laundry. and those are the canvases i'm suppose to be working on. but nevermind. i hope your weekend by the lake and waterbyways was splendid.



almost anonymous said...

Is she allowed to sign Jesus' foot?

You've got painting gloves and everything ;) Have at it.

somebody's mom said...

It is especially appreciated that you've kept the potted greenery from dying of thirst and encouraged my industry. Heart you.

pen said...

i almost did sign jesus' foot! but didn't have the right pen. clearly i was in a hurry. and with horror at the end of reading this, i realized what the title meant. i think you need to fashion jesus a sculpey scarf. he wore one in the bible, right?